Monday, November 9, 2009

Hunter Frightened By Invisible Object

 Depiction by SW

Date/Time:    November 2, 2009 06:15
Location:      Wilson, Oklahoma

MUFON- I was hog hunting in Wilson, OK. A strange burst of wind hit me. This wind was blowing in a circle and making a strange humming sound. Much like a high powered electric motor.

I would have thought it was a natural occurrence had it not been for the humming. This wind was blowing at 30-40 mph in a circular pattern. I know this because I could see the tops of the trees bending in a circular pattern.

This noise stayed over my head for about two minutes before moving away. I watched the tree's blow in a circular pattern for about one hundred yards as it moved away.

My feelings and reaction were of terror. I was armed with a rifle and a handgun and was terrified. Something flew over my head I could not see. I'm certain of it.

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