Thursday, November 19, 2009

More Lights Witnessed in North Central Texas Skies

Date/Time:   11-17-2009  19:45 CST
Location:    Brownwood, TX
Shape:    Triangle
Distance: Unknown
MUFON Report:
1.Driving north on 183 towards Early/Brownwood. Observed a bright single point of light yellow/orangish in color, approx twice as bright as jupiter in the night sky.
2. brightness intensity of the object.
3. unknown. These were absolutely not aircraft lights/landing lights, weather balloons or flares. The lights were intelligently controlled.
4. Object was initially a single point of light for a few seconds then turned off. A few seconds passed and one by one three points of yellow/orangish lights formed a triangle with a fourth light coming on momentarily. As soon as the 4th light appeared, they all turned off quickly. Points of light were stationary.
5-6. lights abruptly went out.
Date/Time:   11-18-2009  19:33 CST
Location:    Santo, TX
Shape:    Circle
Distance:  Over 1 mile
MUFON Report: 
At approximately 19:33 2 miles west of Santo TX, I was in the process of feeding my dogs when I noticed out of the corner of eye a bright light. I stopped to look and the bright light began to dim, then immediately a second light illuminated for one second, then a third for one second and then a fourth.

After the fourth illumination, I saw 4 tiny white dots moving very slowly across the sky and within a second or two all the lights disappeared. They reappeared in almost the same area, in the same pattern and it happened again for a total of 3 cycles.

They were approximately 200ft AGL, 2 miles from our home. The colors were a yellowish orange that seem to change colors and almost flicker.
Date/Time:    11-18-2009  19:42 CST
Location:    Dublin, TX
Shape:    Other
Distance:    Unknown
MUFON Report:
I was driving home from my in-laws house who live in the Greens creek area between Stephenville and Dublin but more near Dublin with my four year old and 12 week old in the car with me.

It was not long after I turned off of County Road 242 which I had been heading north, on to another county road, I believe it is County Road 381 heading south east. It was not long after I turned onto County Road 381 that I noticed two bright lights in the sky. Out of the view from my windshield the light to my left was slightly higher.

My initial reaction was that they were planets, they were orangish in color and they were larger than star. I slowed down and leaned forward in my seat to investigate what I was seeing. I soon realize they were far too large to be planets almost as soon as I came to this realization another light appeared above and to the left of the light on my right and then another light appeared above the new light and to its left forming a straight line at about a 45-60 degree angle. The lights were stationary in the sky never moving.

As the new lights appeared I started freaking out. As you well know UFO sightings are prevelant in our area and I could not believe that I could be possilby witnessing it for myself.

Probably second after the new lights appeared they faded beginning with the first light on my left and then they were all completely gone. Once the lights on the left started to show up I did not pay as much attention to the light on the far right. I do not believe it changed but do not recall when for sure it faded although I know it was within seconds of the other lights.

In all the event took place in probably less than 2 minutes. The thought of the UFO sightings did not occured to me as the third and fourth light appeared but it was really the manner that the lights faded that convienced me that I had just witnessed something strange.

I was very excited and shocked about what I had just seen and got on the phone to share it with my husband immediatly. My outgoing call to him was at 7:44 P.M. Therefore I approximate the sighting took place at 7:42 P.M.

I just received word via Facebook that a friend of mine also witnessed lights in the sky this evening although I do not know the specifics of their sighting.
Event Date:    11-18-2009  19:30 CST
Location:    Comanche, TX
Region:    Texas
Shape:  Lights
Distance: Unknown
Duration: Up to 1 minute
MUFON Report:
Report was taken by MUFON Dispatch (Stephen Cox) 3 - 6 lights in a straight line flashing, objects were a long distance away the size of this was monstrous, Witness was off highway 6, The lights were very bright orange, jets were chasing objects and a lot smaller than this object, Viewed for 45 sec to a minute. A friend saw the object in Abilene, 7 witnesses in Stephenville.  A friend who is a police officer has a dashboard video but does not in anyway want his name used. Witness has pictures and video and can get pictures and videos from other witnesses.

Date/Time: 11-18-2009   20:05 CST
Location: Stephens County, TX
Shape: Lights
Distance: Over 10 miles
Duration of Sighting: 3 minutes
LITS Report:
I was at my home, which is East of Breckenridge.  I noticed what I thought was a commercial jet flying East to west in same flight path as an earlier plane but noticed the lights did not disappear, as in stobing navigational lights.

I looked through my binoculars and saw 4 amber colored lights in a row, with what appeared to be a smaller light on the bottom of the object near the leading end.  The smaller light would flash red, then white.

As brightly lit as the object was, I still could not make out a fuselage, tail, or wings. If it were a commercial or military jet, I should have heard the sound of jet engines, however, there was complete silence. If it had been a helicopter, I doubt I would have heard it and at that distance I would have barely seen the object, if at all.

The object appeared to be at an altitude of about 10,000 feet.  By my estimate, it was traveling in the vicinity of I-20, heading west.

When I first saw the object, it was in the direction of Morgan Mill, TX, which is to my SE.  At it's closest, the object was probably slightly north of Cisco, TX. I lost sight of object when it simply disappeared in the direction of Baird, TX.

What this object was, I don't know.  It did not conform to any jet that I know of.  For me, it remains 'unidentified'.

(Click on map for larger view.)
Map showing object's direction and approximate location for
Stephen's County Sighting.

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