Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Multiple UFOs Videoed- Have We Been Invaded?

These are only a few of the examples of multiple UFO sightings. I myself have seen in broad daylight, what appeared to be a fleet of UFOs. Others may think it's fantastic but the sightings tend to give me chills, a sense of dread.

Reports such as this one reflects so many others:

Date/Time: 11-17-2009 18:10 MST
Location: Denver, Colorado
Shape: Sphere
Sitting in hot tub for about 15 minutes. Wife noticed a formation many miles away coming from the north.

About 30 seconds later I finally saw them coming straight towards us. About 18 to 20 glowing balls of light in a v formation, with many of them moving back and forth in a mechanical motion.

As they got almost over our house, they turned to the east in a slow turn and went behind our roof. My guess would be they were going at least 400 mph and 10,000 feet, as compared to the jets that fly over.

Has our planet been invaded from beings not of this earth and if so, why is our government holding this information from us?

Are these alien ships, or are they ours? When will our government release this information?

The answer is simply this:  If the government releases any information, then we will all know the government has been lying to us from day one.

I don't see disclosure happening any time soon, unless the aliens themselves press the issue. Meanwhile, you'll have to draw your own conclusions.

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