Saturday, November 21, 2009

The November 2009 UFO Flap

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The email I received said: I am a contact worker who lives in N Texas> I am not the only one here, but we meditate nightly to bring the ETs to our area so more may know the truth. F16 fly over my house on a regular basis now and the regular air traffic seems to have been rerouted. Here is juat one of my videos.

But the best photos are on my website:

My Gallery of photos is accessable from the page entitled Down the Rabbit Hole. And part 2 of my story now displayed on the page entitled Paradigm Shift. Just thought you might be interested. It is my job (so to speak) to get out the truth!

MB writes: UFOs are real! It is time to quit the discussion and get on with the process of accepting the information. It is up to us to Disclose. I don't need a government official to affirm what I already know, why do you?

If more people would wake up, it would be impossible for the controllers of the truth to keep up the facade. Then we could get down to the real business!

Editor's note: Some of the orbs are most likely dust or moisture droplets in the air (I've gotten dome of those of film) but that does not explain the lights in the sky, or the orbs that seem to be producing light.

It is imperative that everyone who sees an unidentifiable flying object, should report immediately to MUFON, CUFOS or NUFORC. Show your evidence. We have the power to bring the truth to the public.


  1. My niece and I were laying outside on our trampoline looking at the stars less than 30 minutes ago, when all of a sudden she noticed a distant star, or what appeared to be a star that looked like it was moving. I told her it may have been a plane or jet without a second glance, but then I looked at it as well. I began to notice that it actually looked like it was not only moving, but blinking! We became fixated on it, and began to watch it more closely...then all of a sudden the movement became more obvious and we noticed that this, whatever it was, was moving diagonally, up and down, and side to side. It even made these wierd curly que motions as well. But that wasnt even the half of it. We were just watching this thing, and we were so freaked out, but thought it was so cool. Then, all of a sudden we saw it stop, and it shot up a ways..and then BOOM!! We saw this huge burst of light in the sky as if someone threw a firework into the sky to the back left of where we were standing!! We both screamed, and ran inside..It was the most freakiest yet most intriguing thing i think either of us have ever seen. It was just a simple dot looking thing, almost like a star, that blinked white, blue, and red, and whenever it moved, it looked like it left a trail of light behind it...It was so awkward. The only thing we know for sure is that there was NO way it was a plane, or jet.


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