Monday, April 12, 2010

Daylight sightings in North Carolina and Georgia on same day

MUFON Case # 22772
Date:    04/10/2010
Time:    17:20
City:    Atlanta
Region:    Georgia
Summary: Looked like a star, changed color, moved slowly across the sky in one direction (North), disappeared, reappeared stationary, then moved slowly in another direction (West) as another object appeared.

On Saturday, April 10, at around 5:20 pm EST, I woke up from a nap and looked out of my bedroom window. It was still bright sunshine and very high occasional wispy clouds. Other than that, the sky was blue.

I looked up and saw a bright orb - It looked at first glance to be a very high flying aircraft. I'm an aircraft buff so looking up to see what's flying over is something I've always done.

It took a matter of seconds to realize that it wasn't an aircraft. The next thing I thought was that it was a star. Just as I convinced myself that that was was it was, it dawned on me that it's a little too bright outside to be a star. It was then that i noticed that this thing was moving, very slowly north.

At this point I knew is was something special. I grew more and more excited as I watched. I watched it a little while longer before I ran to get my camera. Brought the camera to the the window an realized that I wouldn't be able to catch it with the type of camera I had.

At this point the object was crossing slowly over my house. I ran into the other room. put some pants and shoes on and ran outside. At this point, the object was over my house. As it crossed over I thought that maybe I'm seeing a satellite."Naw" I thought. "It's moving too slowly.

At this point I noticed that it was also alternating colors. Orange then white then orange then white at a constant pace. I thought "well maybe it's a mylar balloon. It was very high because it would dip behind the occasional wispy cirrus cloud."

As I began to settle on balloon based on the speed at which it traveled, the object dimmed then disappeared as it crossed Cascade road and over the golf coarse. I stood a watched for about another 2 minutes. Then it reappeared, seemingly hovering over the golf coarse.

The object hung in the sky for bout another 3 minutes, then made a course change, now headed west. As I watched it move now parallel to Cascade Road I, then, noticed a second object slowly grow brighter. Both objects hanging in the same area of sky, the first object brighter than the second. Then, after about 1 minute, both disappeared.


MUFON Case # 22774
Date:    04/10/2010
Time:    12:30
City:    Winterville
Region:    North Carolina
Summary: Daytime start tracked for 7 minutes across Pitt County

I was letting a friend’s dogs out into their backyard near Winterville, just west of Firetower Road. There was high visibility – light cirrus clouds near the horizon, low-lying but nothing but blue sky above 10,000 feet. I looked up and saw what I thought was a star. This took place around lunch-time, between 11:30 and 12:30 roundabouts. The star was very bright and I thought it was strange because I couldn’t see any other stars. Then it started to move, very, very slowly west to northeast over the course of the next 7 minutes.

I tried not to take my eyes off of it because it was small and clearly above 30,000 feet as I could see some 747s making contrails (short trails due to such clear conditions) below and around the “star”. It was not using any of the sky-lanes that planes normally use.

Occasionally, maybe three minutes in, and then at the five or six-minute mark, it would stop totally for 30 seconds. Sometimes it seemed to have a pulsing, circular aura around it that was only faintly discernible from the sky around it. I was wearing a good pair of sunglasses with polarization so the sky was very blue and the star quite bright against it. When I took the glasses off the star was still visible but difficult to track.

The bizarre thing is that my eyes went right to it, and there was 360 degrees of clear blue sky. If I hadn’t immediately seen it or known it was there, I could have missed it. Would have missed it.

It was very bright. Again, I thought it was a star. That high up, that shape, that type of light. The weather was perfect – spring time and about 72 degrees. I wanted to shout to the neighbors to ask “what is that”, but for those 7 minutes the neighborhood was a ghost town.

I didn’t take a picture because my phone was inside the house and I knew if I took my eyes off of it I might lose it. Sure enough, just as it passed directly overhead I glanced away for a second, maybe two, and then it was gone. Weirdest thing I’ve ever seen. I work outside and I know the air traffic here. This was highly unusual.

*        *        *

Note:  Some people do not feel that such sightings as these, are worthy of note.  However, I have seen something very very much like this and know it is just as important as any other sighting, especially when 2 people in two different states see something so similar, on the very same day.

*        *        *
If you have witnessed an unidentified flying object, please email me your story.  You may remain anonymous.

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