Friday, April 9, 2010

Texas CSETI - Human Initiated ET Contact Event

Note:  I received this email and thought I'd share it with you, my readers.  Whether you believe or not, these people do.
I will request photos and share them here.

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I wanted to let you know that we now have at least 6 CSETI members here in Texas. We are in the process of starting to do field work as a working group. We did our first C5 (human intitated) field work this weekend. I haven't yet gotten everyone's "Official" reports as we all just came home today and with the Easter holiday and all. But I must say we had a great result.  Here is a report and my simple synopsis from my perspective.
A group of 8 people conducted a C5 (human initiated) contact field group exercise in N.East Texas on 4-3-2010 using CSETI protocals which began with a guided meditation recorded by Dr. Steven Greer. The group then extended an invitation to the beings to join us between the hours of 8:00 PM to 12 midnight using Coherent Thought Sequencing to vector the ETs to their location. Numerous ETV were observed; many with the naked eye and some only with the aid of night vision equipment. A number of orbs were photographed along with other strange phenomenon. Night vision video as made of many of the flyovers. Collaboration and the use of group meditation with unified intent on one objective, which was to bring the ETs to their location proved very successful. A full report is being collectively put together. Photos and video are being reviewed as well. 
1st Local Texas CSETI Group Working Group Field Trip

There were eight adult people. Six CSETI members and 2 that had a good deal of experience with all the information regarding known UFO reports and the deception perpetuated regarding their reality.  We had a nice meditation in a circle using Dr. Greer's CD to initiate a C5. One member had his night vision set up and took several different videos. In one he caught two ETVs flying past one another. We could see several just with our eyes also! Two people had the green laser pointers so we could point them out to one another. Another member had another video camera with night shot capabilities set on a tripod. Numerous digital cameras were also used for photographs.

I saw at least 4 just with my eyes and a couple with the night vision set up! I believe everyone saw at least one and many saw more than one. A few gave nice powerups!

You know how they have communicated their presence to me visually with my camera many times. Here in this attached photo you can see what I believe to be the ethereal presence of a ship can be detected. The reddish area between the guy with the camera and the people in the chairs to the right looks very similar to the photos of I have recently taken of the Giant Red Orb. Which I now to believe is an ETV in ethereal form. I think my sensitivity to its presence was hindered by all the others and the activity going on around me as I am used to experiencing one this close while alone on my own property.

It appeared in the image prior to this one, but I was standing behind the fire so I thought it might have been created by the flame; so I remember intentionally stepping past the fire to take another photo to see if it were still there. It also appears in the next image after this one, taken from the same vantage point, but it is much dimmer as though it were fading out.

There was also these strange red lights in the woods across the street. I had asked  our hostess, the owner of the property,  what she thought it might be and she said it was most likely the reflector on the street marker. But when I look at the photos; 2 taken out of 4, all of which were taken in the same direction, from the same perspective the 2 dots (like eyes) appear in only 2.  So I have emailed her to ask if this reflector has more than one.

You would need to download the image and zoom in to see it. So I did not attach it here, but can if you want to look at it.

Mike also made a couple of remarks of seeing these "mysterious objects" fly close around us that he had problems describing. He did say how as far as he knew they might be the astral form of a person. I was thinking what if it were one of you other CSETI members there with us, as some of the members on other areas had indicated they would try to vector themselves in.

All in all I considered it to be a very succesfull exercise, especially it being our first one as a working group.

 You might check the guy that had the night vision set up youtube channel, here is a link:

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