Monday, April 5, 2010

A Claim of Close Encounter in Coral Springs, Florida

MUFON Case #   22648
Date/Time:  May 31, 2001  03:00
Location:    Coral Springs, Florida
Summary:    Near encounter

I was sleeping and woke up because my cat was meowing loudly, I woke up to find her going crazy around the room and running through the blinds. I stood up to walk to the sliding glass door to see why she was going crazy and why it there was such a bright orange glow coming from outside at 3 in the morning.

At the same time that I was walking over, a strange electronical, whizzing noise passed by my small side window across the room and then by the sliding glass door, which was so strange for how close it sounded because my door is surround by a screened in outdoor porch.

After I recovered from hearing the noise, and my cat still going crazy all around the room, I looked outside to see the lawn and my view of the sky from over my bushes and saw everything lit up with that orangey red glow.

I ran out into the house to see if other people where up, I was shocked to see no one up, how could they not be? It was so bright out!  I turned towards the windows to see if light was coming in and it was gone.

I decided to tell this to someone once I saw a docudrama on TV about a guy who was visited by an alien and was awakened for the same reasons I was, minus the crazy cat of course. He got something implanted into his arm though, I've have of course checked mine and I think I'm good.

I hope this means something to you guys, I personally hope it never happens again.

*        *        *
Note:  This case is made more interesting, due to the cat's reactions to whatever was occurring.  Animals are much more sensitive than we are.  Wouldn't it be nice if they could tell us what they are seeing and hearing.

I hope that MUFON follows up on this case and if I find out anything, I will post it here.
*        *        *

Not long after I post the above report, someone submitted this next report to MUFON in reference to the Coral Springs encounter.  Report is "as is".

MUFON Case # 22656
Event Date:    11/30/1981
Location:    South Carolina
Summary:    reference to near encounter

To Near Encounter: Florida 0000/06/00 I had the same thing happen to me. We lived on the Charleston air force base back in 1982. During the night, I woke myself up by talking to something or someone while I was asleep. As soon as I sat up I heard a motorized sound whizzing past me and then my bathroom door slammed shut. So hard that I thought the door would come off the hindges. Woke everyone up in the house. I did not look outside but wished I did. Have you seen u.f.o.s up close? I have. Three times.


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