Sunday, April 4, 2010

Update: More witnesses to the lights if 3-31-2010

Orange lights in Eastland County

MUFON Case #   22628
Event Date:    03/31/2010
Location:    Strawn, Texas

My 2 daughters(18 and 21) and I went out on Highway 16 toward the North (Comanche to Strawn, Texas)specifically to look for the "orange lights" that several of my witnesses have reported seeing. We parked in an entryway and two of us got out of the car.

The lights appeared to our SW after approximately 10 minutes. After each episode of light-up then extinguishing of the lights, the lights would move on toward the SE towards Stephenville. A guess on speed would be app 50 mph.

One of my daughters used binoculars and indicated that some of the orange lights were surrounded in a circular(halo)fashion by smaller, green lights. Both wrote reports and drew diagrams which will be included.

I took photographs of the lights with reference points. A 3200% enlargement of one photo shows blurry triangular or "V" shaped lights.Although propped on a metal fence, there was still considerable movement.

Further investigation of these photos may turn up additional information.Sighting lasted around 2 minutes.

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Bright yellow lights near Comanche, then something rains down on bus.

MUFON Case #   22635
Event Date:     03/31/2010
Location:    Comanche, Texas

I was driving a charter bus and was driving south and west between Proctor, TX and Comanche, TX. Large front windows with great views. I noticed one, at first, moving to my left up ahead(fairly low altitude but ahead of me)...small blinking lights similar to an aircraft...didn't pay much attention to it as it was typical looking, but, suddenly gives off a brighter yellow light which only lasted about 10 seconds or less. I was driving pretty much straight in that direction. A few seconds pass...maybe 30 or so...I see another one, this time it was closer like I was driving under that same area as the first siting. I asked a passenger sitting in the front seat of the bus if he could see the lights as now 3 or 4 appear more directly overhead. The passenger gets up and moves to the front window and we discuss what we are observing.
"you know, this is the area where they saw those UFO's near Stephenville" is part of the discussion. The last one I saw was so directly overhead that I had to lean forward and look practically straight up. I really could not discern altitude.
I was thinking that a negative aspect of summer was all the bugs that hit auto's and bus windows and create quite the mess as the insect activity was picking up as the sun had only recently gone down. But, then...I began hearing "popping" noises like I was hitting large bugs or beetles on a regular got fairly intense, actually..but, I also could hear what I thought was the same "popping" noises hitting the roof of the bus. Bugs can't hit the roof of the bus..only the front when one is traveling 65 MPH or so...I ask my passenger if he can hear that "popping" sound on the roof ?? was like a shower of something although there were insects hitting the window and front of the bus, also, so, it was difficult to verify what I was hearing. However, I was convinced I was driving directly under the (UFO) area and something was falling from the sky (nothing visible) only the popping noise as something was falling on the bus.

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If there is an update or photos of any of these sightings, I will post it here on this site. -SW
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If you have seen something in the skies that you can't explain, please report to MUFON.

Have you seen an "unidentified flying object", or had a close encounter? 
Email me, I'd like to hear from you.


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