Saturday, April 3, 2010

More Lights In The Skies Over Texas, 4-2-2010

Witnesses of those strange lights over North Central and West Texas are reporting to me what they are seeing at night.

Here are their reports:

Abilene, Texas, April 1, 2010-

They were there…this time appx 30 minutes but only appeared 3 times during that span, I could not watch them the entire time.

One was nearly directly overhead…no sound at all..then it appeared later further down in the horizon…then 3 or 4 lights appeared that my wife also witnessed.

I got a picture of the first but it is very poor quality….What is strange is the light is the same intensity no matter where in the sky it appears…I cannot explain that.

There were no jets, no noise.

I pulled up old videos and old pictures from the web and see basically the same lights…mainly over Phoenix…they all have the same characteristics.  What I have noticed is the lights are same intensity whether they are overhead or way off in the horizon…the lights do not change color or intensity…they have never moved while lit.  Last night they appeared in different locations with them gathering together ….4 that I saw around 9:00 PM.  They are still bright orange.  They were in different locations from the other night. 

*        *        *

Fort Worth, Texas, April 2, 2010-

Last night we saw the same 4 orange lights that are described on your blog.  They almost look like fireballs in the sky.  We live in Fort Worth. We were on 7th Street, just west of downtown by the Duck Pond. We saw 4 flying in a straight line not too far from each other. They were moving at a pretty fast speed. We tried to take video and pictures with our cell phones but they didn't really come out well. We tried to follow them but by the time we got in the car and looked in the sky again, they were nowhere to be seen. We saw them at about 9:30 at night.  Glad to see we weren't the only ones to see these 4 orange lights. We are curious to know what they are. We are going to try to go back tonight with a camera. Let us know if you find out what they are!

*        *        *

Are these military flares, or something more extraordinary?  If you see these lights in the sky, please go to and report your sighting.  Together we will seek and discover the truth.




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  1. 05/08/10 Saw what I can only describe as 3 fireballs in the sky. 2 were running along side each other a couple of miles apart. A third hung back but followed the northern most fireballs path. The light intensity was consistent no matter how far in the distance they appeared. They were moving from the east to the west. No other lights were visible besides an orange glow that dimmed and brightened constantly.


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