Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Witness In Ranger, Texas Reports Light In Sky

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MUFON Case # 22668
Date:      04/05/2010
Time:      21:10
Location: Ranger, Texas
Summary:  Light in sky, suddenly blinked out and reappeared in another area within seconds.

I went just outside my home to let my dog outside and because of its brightness, I noticed a very bright, intense amber-colored light about 20 degrees off the horizon in southwestern sky around 2110.

I tried to tell if the light was a nebula or star, but realized there is no nebula or star that is this low to the horizon. The light did not move. It remained on for about 10 seconds after I spotted it, and then it suddenly blinked out, like a light switch turned it off.

I kept looking at the spot I had seen the light, and then it reappeared in about 2 seconds, only it had moved (horizontally) in what appeared to be a northerly direction, the distance of about 1 foot from my line of sight, remaining at around 20 degrees from the horizon. The light remained on for about 10 more seconds and again suddenly blinked out as it had before. (There is no way I can explain exactly how far it actually moved).

I left the area to get my video camera and videotaped the area of sky for the next 10 minutes, but it never reappeared.

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Note:  This may not have been one of the flares that have been seen in the Brownwood MOA.  The flares usually don't last more than 6 seconds.  If not flares, then what?

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