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UFOs, Aliens And My Search For The Truth

"He's dead, Jim."
It's time to step out of the shadows.  So many have put their faith in me and it is long past time that I reciprocated.  Hi, it's me!

I've been called by a few, an expert in the field of UFO research. How did that happen?  Well, I guess my start really came when my daughter called me a nerd.  Uh, maybe not.

I don't believe in experts, as that would imply someone who knows 'everything' pertaining to their chosen path, their chosen field of, dare I say, 'expertise'. Impossible, I say!  When one stops learning, they are dead, at least brain-wise.

I'm no expert, I'm here to learn.  Teach me!

Unidentified Flying Objects and Aliens
The real evidence is here, somewhere.  It's staring us in the face but most can not see.  It's like "not being able to see the forest for the trees." 

Not all evidence/reports are made up blather, anecdotal experiences from the feeble minds of idiots.  Maybe I have lost it, my mind off on a tangent, chugging it's reckless course along a track to La La Land but what if I'm right, what if what I've seen and experienced myself, is all too real?  To me, it is.  It is to others as well.  This reality touched me and I am touching back.

From flying humanoids, lights in the skies, objects of every size and shape and things that creep, bound, bump, slither and float in the night, snatching us up and whisking us away to some craft or underground base; these are the mysteries that haunt a number of us, stirring some of us to take action, whatever form that may take.

The researcher, the student
I've been an experiencer, abductee, contactee, since I was 4 years old, possibly younger.  I am now 58 years old and still having to deal with the experiences, the pain, the illnesses and angst the trauma has created, known as PTSD. 

For a long time I didn't have a clue as to what PTSD was.  Oh sure, I knew of it, knew it meant "Post Traumatic Stress Disorder" but I never truly grasped it's meaning.  I think I now have a clue, the light bulb turned on, all with the help of my Vietnam Veteran husband.

I've been attending meetings/counseling sessions, for veterans suffering from PTSD.  That includes spouses too, who can suffer from what is known as secondary PTSD.  I've learned a lot, like how to put me first.  It's hard to take care of someone else if you never take care of yourself.  Here is what else I've learned:

All this time (36 years of marriage), I thought that was just how things are, that stress is related to the act of wearing a wedding band.  Well, no it isn't.  It's related to a number of things, all stressful but I am not talking about the stress you feel when Uncle Bob comes home and announces to Aunt Kate that he didn't get that raise, so the kids won't be able to go to summer camp. I'm not even talking about the stress from wrecking your new car and finding out that the insurance company won't cover it, because you dodged a deer in the road and sideswiped a fence post.

No, it's more serious than that, though the little things can compound a bigger problem and it's all in how you handle it.  The more you internalize, the more you withhold, the bigger the problem can grow.

Sleepless nights (aka insomnia), lethargy, withdrawal, depression, anxiety, anger, drug and/or alcohol use,flash-backs and many more symptoms, all signs of possible PTSD, due to some emotional, psychological, and/or physical trauma.  I never turned to drugs or alcohol but I've scored aces on a number of other symptoms.

Not only do I cope with an extremely intelligent husband, who has suffered greatly, the tragedies of war, but I have had traumatic experiences in my own life, one most recently, of which I will explain momentarily.

Making do
Coping is not burying your head in the sand, or placing your hands over your eyes and saying, "I can't see it, it isn't there."  Coping is not humming or singing to yourself, while the child inside you screams for comfort.

Coping is loving, no matter what (this includes yourself).  Coping is opening your eyes, your ears and your heart and mind to other possibilities and saying, "What can I do to make this better?"

Coping is listening to the spouse that cries silently for help.  It is also the listening to that inner voice, the child within us all, that needs care, then doing something about it.  I am, right here, right now.

One coping mechanism is humor.  OK, so I shouldn't quite my day job.  Oh wait, this IS my day job.  I work in shifts, the next starts in about 10 minutes and goes until I can no longer see the keyboard.  Did you know that coffee is the staple of life? 

Wake up call
In 2009, I was "detained" by what is commonly referred to as "aliens", true extraterrestrials, not of this earth.  For whatever reasons, they were displeased with me.  I would not co-operate with them and for two and a half hours they kept me immobile, while they psychologically tortured me.  I never gave in and with the dawning of a new day, they left and I fell exhausted, drained and more determined than ever, to fight whatever this was that they wanted from me, of me.

Not long after the "grey" intimidation tactics, I was momentarily tricked into thinking my husband was with me (at the time he was 45 miles away), then I was raped.  The problem is, I managed to clear away the false image and see exactly who, or what it was that was perpetrating this horrible act upon me.  In that moment of clarity, I saw the face of a reptilian and I will never forget it.  I physically fought him and then I found myself back in bed, literally bloody and bruised.

What proof do I have of this encounter?  I went to the doctor and asked to be examined.  After convincing the doctor that I really needed the exam, the findings were that there were definite signs of trauma, i.e., rape. 

By the way, don't make the mistake of telling your doctor that an alien raped you.  Save that bit of knowledge for someone who actually has knowledge of this type of trauma (alien abduction), and who won't suggest you visit the guys in white coats, holding very large butterfly nets.  Hey, I'm seriously trying to cope here.

How long have I been enduring encounters such as this and never remembered, memories of unspeakable horrors swept clean from my mind?  Since that fateful time in 2009, I have begun to remember bits and pieces of the past and it has explained for the most part, why PTSD is now part of my life, as with my spouse.  I  understand how so many others feel.  I've read reports stating that 1 out of 10 people are abductees, the majority being female.

The driving force
It doesn't help when you turn to someone who claims to understand, so you write to them and tell them what has been happening to you and they ignore you.  They don't mind posting to the world all about their own experiences, or of those that they consider friends, people in their own little part of the world... but a stranger, an interloper into their world of "paranormal realities"? Evidently not!  Thanks for not listening, C H.  And thanks to you and a few others like you, I started Lights in the Texas Sky.

If someone contacts me and tells me of their experiences, their encounters, rest assured that I won't ignore them.  Some times a person just needs someone to listen and not be judgmental.

The purpose for this blog, is two-fold.  1.) It's cathartic, one way of self-healing.  2.) It is also meant to educate, illuminate and to wake up the apathetic masses.   If you are a skeptic, then there is nothing here for you to learn, until it is too late.  If you are unsure, read, ask questions, learn and decide for yourself.

The journey
I'm compiling my memories, experiences and sightings, along with other paranormal events that have occurred in my life.  When I have completed it, I will share it with you here.  The only cost will be your time to read it.  I do not believe that a price can be placed on knowledge, only a desire to learn.  We shall learn and grow, together.

I get the feeling (well more than just a feeling, actually), that some very good evidence/reports, including my own, are not just anecdotal and are being swept under a multitude of rugs, per se.  In reality, we are in a fight for our very lives and our biggest opponent- lies.

I also believe in research and investigation... and that is what I do.  I'm still learning.

One has to wonder how much evidence does it take and when, if ever, the door will open, the lights come on and the ugly truth is presented for all the world to see.  And when it is, will humankind be ready?  I know I am.

I want to extend a sincere thank you to my loyal readers.  I will continue to give my all, in service to our goal, the truth.  I ask each and every one of you to please stay safe and keep watching the sky.

S. Williams, aka, Sky Watcher

*        *        *
If you, or someone you know may be living with PTSD, there is help.

About PTSD and where, how to get help
Treatment for PTSD Sufferers
PTSD Forum

If you are a combat veteran, please contact your local VA Hospital or go to the VA Mental Health site for locations and help available.
If you need assistance, contact the Disabled American Veterans official website.

Please note that for those suffering from Alien Abduction related PTSD, I suggest speaking with someone in the field of UFO Research (such as MUFON), who can direct you to the proper help.  Most psychologist still do not accept that alien abductions do occur.

*        *        *

If you have an encounter you want to share, please email me.

Comments on this blog are always welcome, pro or con.  All I ask is that your comments be polite and please, no advertisements unless you plan to donate a very large portion of your earnings. Thanks.


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