Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Update - Bellville UFO Sightings

Witness depiction of MUFON Case # 19343

The original witness to the Bellville, TX Boomerang sighting contacted me and sent a drawing that he did the day after the sighting (see above).

Sightings have continued in Bellville.  Here is another report by the same witness, received by email:
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LITS Case # 05-4142010-4
Bellville Texas
Triangular object sighting:
Wednesday April 14 2010
5:00 AM
As my wife was getting into her vehicle to go to work, I was standing beside her vehicle, looking up in the sky to the South and Southwest. I saw a line of dim red lights headed North.

I told her that I could see something moving in the sky. She got out of the car and I pointed out what I was seeing. This took about 15-20 seconds, and she was able to locate what I was seeing.

During the 15-20 seconds, I had shifted my focus to her and had to re-acquire focus on the object in the sky in order to point it out. By this time (re-acquiring sight of the object), the object was about 1000 feet away and continued to move North. After passing one tree and being seen beyond, more trees in the flight path prevented further observance of the object beyond that point.

We were able to observe the object together for a total of 20-30 seconds. She stated that there was another triangular object behind the one I could see, but I did not see it.

The object looked like a triangular object, straight and level flight and no sound. Three dim red lights on each side and a dim red light on the front. None of the lights were blinking.

The elevation was approximately 300 feet AGL and estimated speed was 70-75 mph, based on time vs distance, (I estimate we saw the object for a 1/4 mile span in 20-30 seconds).

Length of the object was about 40 feet and wingspan of about 25 feet. I at first thought I was seeing a flock of birds in formation, as this is common here, but at that altitude, you can see the wings move, the bird's bodies reflect white from neighborhood lights, and they rarely stay in perfect formation for very long.

The observed dim red lights were in perfect symmetry on each side.

Original post:
Cloud-like Boomerang UFO Seen In Bellville, Texas


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