Friday, September 18, 2009

Cloud-like Boomerang UFO Seen In Bellville, Texas

Date/Time: 15 September at 10:15 p.m.
Location: Bellville, Texas

Standing in back yard observing western night sky. Conditions were clear, unlimited visibility, no clouds in the sky. Temperature 69 deg. Wind O, humidity 96 percent. Observed star low to the west about 10 degrees above the horizon. The star seemed to be changing from silver light to red light.

I went in the house and brought back my binoculars which are military surplus, unknown magnification. I laid the binoculars on top of my pickup bed and was able to see the object in a steady state.

The light was also appearing to change colors through the binoculars and was a great distance away. Size was slightly smaller than Venus.

I went back in the house and looked up the current position of mars, thinking that was what I had seen. Learning that mars is not in the west, and not visible at that time of evening, I went back outside. The object had disappeared.

I continued to observe the western sky quadrant I am able to see, (light pollution, trees, and buildings are present). After about 15-20 minutes I saw what looked like a rapidly moving small cloud approaching from the North at 3 O clock position.

When the cloud was directly above my position it reminded me of a moving searchlight illuminating the bottom of a cloud layer. As the object/cloud moved on to the South I was able to see more details.

The object/cloud was very dim, no lights at all and no sound. Elevation to the object/cloud was approximately 5000 feet, boomerang shape and wing span was about 400 feet. Wing width was 50-80 feet.

There was some taper of the wings from center to tip, the center was probably about 1/3 greater than the tip width. There appeared to be several alternating bands of grey cloudy to dark sky bands that were ahead of the wings starting about halfway out on the leading edge of the wings, curving around the tips, and extending back past the trailing wing tip edges. This gave the impression that the wing tips were extended backwards for quite a distance, but I think that was an illusion due to the bands of cloud flowing around the wing tips.

The object/cloud was obscured by a tree as it continued to move and I did not see any further details. I continued to watch the sky thinking that I might see something else, and also thinking that if what I saw was indeed a searchlight illuminating a thin cloud that I would see it again. This did not happen.

If this was a searchlight (such as an airport beacon), the airport would have to be due South of my location. To my knowledge there is no airport in that direction. Duration of this sighting as described above was approximately 30 seconds.

The object/cloud moved in a straight line, no variation in course and no apparent change in altitude. I have a sketch done with Autocad in an attempt to demonstrate the alternating bands of cloud seen flowing around the wing tips on this object, I am unable to attach the document to this report.



  1. My friend and I saw this exact same object two days ago, April 17, 2010, in the night sky over Red Bluff, CA! You describe the object perfectly, that is exactly what we saw! I went online to research "v-shaped" or "boomerang" shaped UFOs and saw the image from this site that led me to this article. The object moved in a completely straight line, and your description of the light shining off of it as a spotlight would off of clouds is spot on, that's what I thought it reminded me of too, but there weren't any clouds in the sky, it was clear; no spotlights circulating the sky either. It was as if the cloudy atmospheric substance was flowing from the front, over the wings and the rest of the object, which was a dark boomerang shape against the night sky, devoid of lights. Blew our minds! I'm glad we're not the only ones who have seen something like this, everyone thought we were nuts, but we know what we saw, and it was this same UFO.

  2. I've seen this three times! Once over Savannah, GA a couple years ago, and twice over Greenville, SC just recently. Everything was just as you described it. Glad I'm not crazy.
    The thing sure does get around. Perhaps there are lots of them, but they're only visible under certain conditions. I seem to have seen it a disproportionately large number of times...not sure what that implies. A little creepy, I must say.

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