Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Retired Senior Captain for Major U. S. Airline Reports UFO Sighting

On or about October 3rd of 1992 at approximately 1:30 p.m., a senior captain for a major U. S. airline witnessed a UFO while en route to Raleigh - Durham airport, in North Carolina.

The jet was within thirty five miles of the airport, below 10,000 ft., at approximately 250 KIAS. While the First Officer flew the plane, the captain saw what at first, looked like 2 F-16s but the Raleigh Approach controller didn’t call them as traffic.

The captain looked down, then looked up in time to see that it was not F-16s that had been observed, it was a chevron shaped vehicle within an eighth of a mile of the airplane. It was now right outside the captain's window, forward of the left wing.

The craft was flying perpendicular to the earth, it's left wing point towards the ground. This strange vehicle appeared to be a dull, battleship gray and approximately 50 feet from wingtip to wingtip, nose to trailing edge was approximately half the width.

The captain asked the Raleigh Approach controller what had just passed their airplane, headed southwest and at the same altitude as the jet. The captain reported that the controller took a little longer than normal to reply, then said he didn’t have anything on radar. After a pause, the controller asked the captain if anything had been seen. Knowning to keep a tight lip, the captain replied, "No."

The rest of the crew stated they did not see anything.

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