Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Brownsville, TX - Two UFO Sightings In 2 Days

Brightly lit, moving objects have been seen and reported near Brownsville, Texas, by two separate eye witnesses, one being in law enforcement.

September 12, 2009 at 5:45 a.m.-

On the above mentioned date and time, I was on duty outside my facility. I work for the local law enforcement agency. I'm always stargazing because there have been a lot of activity recently.

Last night, I noticed what appeared to be a very high altitude object moving from north to south at about my 12 o'clock position or directly overhead. I would estimate it to be flying at about 30K feet. Very small dim, no strobes or anti-collision lights.

Soon after I noticed it, there was a flash in front of this dim object. The flash took shape of an even bigger sphere, I would calculate it to be 5 times as big and brighter then the first. It started moving away from the first dim object also in a southern direction.

As soon as it was visible, 4 seconds later in a flash it was gone. The first dim object continued on
its southern direction until it was not visible. A minute later, the first dim object was seen moving back north in its original flight path that it took going south. Still moving very fast.

Within 2 minutes it was no longer visible. 40 minutes later when I arrived home, again I noticed this dim object kind of flying in a skipping motion or zig zagging motion from north to south over again its original flight path.

Not reported a month ago, my wife and I saw a dim object no collision lights following a bigger sphere from South to North directly overhead at about 20 thousand or so feet. Very high altitude craft.

The first object or sphere was very bright and moving extremely fast. It covered roughly from the 9 o'clock position to the 3 o'clock position overhead in less than 3 minutes.

The second object much dimmer was a bit slower, it made a 90 degree right bank then 3 seconds later again a 90 degree left bank to its original course north. We did not see either again.

September 14, 2009 at Midnight-

Bright star, thought it might be Venus or Saturn, then it started to fade and split. Smaller bright object moved to what appeared to be down and west of larger object which faded away, possibly up.



  1. I live in brownsville texas and the night of blackfriday isaw a big blue light in the sky 3 times that night and i know other people had to have seen it too since it was black friday

  2. I live in brownsville TX and the night of black friday isaaw a huge blue light 3 times and iknow other people saw them cuz it was black friday


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