Friday, September 18, 2009

Religion vs. UFOs

Why do some people 'believe' that aliens have been visiting our planet, while others do not? And why are skeptics so adamant that those who do believe, are delusional, or downright idiots?

The majority of earth's citizenry believes in a higher power, though a minute few have ever seen god/gods? Is it so much easier to believe in a god, than in an alien from another planet?

Belief is a strange notion, a matter of "faith". If "seeing is believing", then why would more people believe in a god and not in aliens who are supposedly constantly making themselves visible? You don't hear too many skeptics bemoaning people of "faith", likely due to the fact that religious beliefs are more accepted, though religious beliefs have caused more wars than not.

When our astronauts stepped foot on the moon, were they not aliens to that world? When our small robotic rovers were sent to Mars, were they not from an alien race, one not of planet Mars?

I often wonder how someone can be so closed minded to the possibility, that aliens do exist and have visited Earth, yet blindly accept the existence of God. Surely, the thought of not being the only sentient beings in this vast universe, is enough to excite the most rigid of thinkers.

A July 2008 poll conducted by Scripps Howard News Service and Ohio University, revealed that one in every 12 Americans had seen a mysterious object in the sky that might have been a visitor from another world, while nearly one in every five personally knows someone who has seen an unidentified flying object.

In 2004, a poll showed that 92% of Americans believe in God but only 34% believe in UFOs.

I do believe in a higher power but I also think your chances of seeing a UFO are much better.

Back away from your computer screen, put down your I Pod, step outside and look, really look at the world around you. In all the Earth and sky's beauty, you'll see God... and you'll also probably see a UFO or two.


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