Thursday, September 10, 2009

Backyard Bigfoot and UFOs

What does Bigfoot have in common with UFOs? Where you see one, you just might see the other, or so it seems. Peter Guttilla, a freelance writer and researcher from Southern California seems to think so too. [Interview with Peter Guttilla]

Recently, a man in Kentucky was having trouble with his backyard garden, so he set up a game (surveillance) camera. Aside from the usual rabbits and racoons, his camera also caught something quite unusual. It appears that Bigfoot likes Kenny Mahoney's garden in southern Jefferson County, Kentucky.

According to reports posted to MUFON, Kentucky has also had a recent spate of UFO sightings. In the past, a few UFO eye witnesses from other parts of the country, have claimed to have seen Bigfoot type creatures in, or around alien spacecraft. Maybe that's why Bigfoot is so seldom seen? ;-)

I believe Mr. Mahoney should not only keep an eye out for Bigfoot, he should also keep an eye on the sky.

CNN Video: Backyard Bigfoot in Kentucky?
(September 2009)

Original Source

I played the CNN video and did a video capture screen-shot of the creature. I worked on the photo with light levels and color, until this face began to appear. I did not add or subtract anything. I simply darkened shadows and lightened mid-range/highlights. It certainly doesn't look like any bear I've ever seen and unless there is a gorilla that has escaped from some zoo or wildlife habitat, I think that is a picture of Bigfoot.

I continued to work with the color, shadows and highlights until I came up with a portrait of Bigfoot.

Note: I saw once, what I believed to be a Bigfoot. I was residing at a rural farm in Eastland County, in 2008. I kept hearing a strange "knocking" sound in the woods, then a holler of something like I'd never heard before. When I went outside with a flashlight, my light shown on a dark shape and face at the edge of the woods, which were less than 100 feet from the house.

The massive form matched the description of a Bigfoot. It was tall, dark, huge and stunk to high heaven. I beat a hasty retreat into the house and locked the door! I reported it to the Texas Bigfoot Research Organization but I guess they didn't take me seriously. If they had, they would have found evidence.

I realize that some might say that it appears that I manipulated the photo in some way, yet all I did was bring out what was already there. In the second photo, I did outline the eyes and add a glint of reflection, only to show how the eyes might appear.

If I, a lowly graphics artist, can achieve this with my limited resources, surely someone with much better graphics programming and skills can do so much more, to prove once and for all whether photos and videos of Bigfoot (and UFOs), are real or hoaxed.

Would I say that this video in question is hoaxed by a man in an ape suit? Surely not. My answer would be, "Why? For what purpose and if so, the hoaxer did an exemplary job."


Video and subsequent photos courtesy of Kenny Mahoney, CNN and YouTube.

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