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An Expedition To Yakutiya, To Explore ET Underground Bases


15 September, 2009
Yakutia24- Yakutiya Ufologist Nikolai Subbotin is confident, that the territory of Yakutiya was visited by "newcomers" from extraterrestrial civilizations.

Yakutia is a part of Siberia that is one of the least populated areas in the world, having approximately 3,000,000 square miles and only 1,000,000 residents.

In the tundra, Subbotin asserts, are dome-like entrances and deep underground enormous cavities, which are divided into the rooms. Such mysterious structures have been found in Yakutiya. The scientific leader of expedition Nikolai Subbotin reported: “In the Tibetan manuscripts, the rolls, it is written, that this was an earlier Yakut defense system of our ancient civilization. Sounds, of course, as complete fantasy and improbability, but nevertheless, these documents exist in the rolls as described”.

Structures are located along the bed Of the Vilaya river. To reveal the locations of the bases, the extra-terrestrials used the familiar (crop) circles in the fields. Only here, circles are flooded under water. There are several versions "of structures. Basic - heritage of ancient civilization." But ufologists have examined the 'older' versions (of crop circles) created by ETs (or as the Russians refer to them, "newcomers").

Several thousand years ago, when Yakuts lived in larger tribes, in those places occurred a large cataclysm. As they describe, "the sons of sky arrived flying, in them arose the war with those people, which lived on the Earth."

The expedition will comprise of 15 people, who specialize in "inexplicable phenomena". The participants will inspect two dome-like objects.


Editor's Note: What will this mean to the field of UFO research? If the expedition is successful and they find the evidence they seek (and share it with the world), the knowledge could very well change our world, hopefully in a good way. I wish the expedition a safe journey and good fortune. Hopefully no one will be home, or at least hospitable.



Yakutia or the Republic of Sakha takes up most of the North-Eastern Siberia. It is a huge territory (one-sixth the size of all Russia) is covered with plain tundra (in the North), mountain ranges 2000-3000 m high (East and South) and taiga (West). More than 40% of the territory lies beyond the Arctic Circle. The density of population is less than 1 person per mile.

Yakutsk, the capital of Yakutia, Siberia is a center of diamonds and other precious stones. It also is known for it's Institute of Permafrost, Geology Museum, Museum of Mammoth and many other museums.

Temperatures in Yakutia range from +40 degrees C in summer to -60 degrees C in winter. The Pole of Cold for the Northern Hemisphere with the recorded temperature -71.2 degrees C is situated in Yakutia.

Yakutia is a land of countless rivers and lakes, hundreds of glaciers and ice crusts. The Lena River, noted for its scenic beauty, is the pride of Yakutia and one of the ten largest rivers in the world.


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