Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Google Runs Crop Circle Logo In Pacific Region Countries

Examiner.com- Google has put up a special “crop circle” logo in some Pacific region countries. Google Japan, China, Taiwan, Korea, and Australia all have up the special logo today, September 15th, which features a UFO hovering over a field with the Google logo spelled out.

Each country that Google used the special logo had it linked to a search for that country's word for “crop circle”. In Japan, the link went to a search for “mystery circles.” However, not all Pacific countries are using the logo. Google Vietnam, Singapore, and Philippines, for instance, just had up their standard front page.

About the Google Crop Circle logo

The special Google logo specifically features the UFO over a field that is being harvested by what looks like a tractor. Interestingly, while the ‘g’ ‘o’ ‘o’ ‘g’ and ‘e’ of Google look like classic crop circles, the tractor has carved out the ‘l’. At the same time the name of the logo is goog_e.gif.

The image comes about 10 days after Google.com had a UFO logo on its main international page that linked to a search for “unexplained phenomena.” In the case of that logo, one of the ‘o’ ‘s was being abducted, and the image name was go_gle.gif.

Why Google is using the crop circle logo has yet to be explained. If you have any guesses, let us know!

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