Saturday, September 26, 2009

UFO History- In Video

Interview with Bob Emenegger, on the making of the 1979 UFO Documentary- UFOs: It Has Begun, Presented by Rod Serling

UFOs: It Has Begun- The Documentary

In 1974, American documentary producer, Robert Emenegger, was asked (by the Republican Party) to produce a film about UFOs, using only official government people and files. Emenegger was promised footage of the actual 1964 landing of a ‘flying saucer’ which had occurred at Holloman Air Force Base,New Mexico. This film was made and given the title of UFOs: Past, Present and Future.

The promised Holloman AFB-UFO footage never showed up, however, Emenegger had already filmed dramatized parts of the film beforehand, which depicted air force personell answering phones, driving emergency vehicles, etc. Instead, Emenegger was forced to use painted depictions of the alien craft, its occupants and the meeting that supposedly took place there.

In 1976 the documentary was re-released as UFOs: It Has Begun and again re-released in 1979. In this 1979 version, additional material was added, featuring French ufologist Jacques Vallee and segments concerning cattle mutilations.

Robert Emenegger at X Conference 2008.

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