Monday, September 14, 2009

Aside From UFOs- Strange Things That Fall From The Sky

Look Out Below!

Aside from rain (and hail), birds, planes, meteors... and UFOs, here are just a few things that have reportedly fallen from the sky.

Editor's Note: This is a shortened list for brevity's sake.

Most recently (Sunday, Sept. 6, 2009), tiny, clear, soft and pliable spheres, which fell onto a roof
and garden in Wichit, Phuket, Thailand. Source

June, 2009, Japan- Fish, frogs and tadpoles take a tumble from the skies over Japan. Well, it was the start of their rainy season... Story here

In 2007 and 2008, "Red Rain" fell from the skies over Kerala, India and some are now considering it as a possible case of extraterrestrial life form.
For a somewhat scientific report of this anomaly, read this.

In 2007, huge chunks of ice fall from a clear blue sky in Colorado. Story here

July, 2007, worms dropped from the sky in Jennings, Louisiana.

A Few Past Events:
In August of 2001, Wichita, Kansas experienced an unexplained rain of corn husks.

In May 1981 frogs fell from the sky over Naphilion, a city in southern Greece. The species of frog that fell was native to North Africa.

In 1956 in Chilatchee, Alabama a couple watched as a small dark cloud formed in the sky, then released its contents of various fish. The cloud turned white then disappeared. The fish were alive.

On September 7, 1953 frogs and toads fell from the sky over Leicester, Massachusetts.

On October 23, 1947, fish fell over the town of Marksville, Louisiana. Although it was a bit foggy that day it wasn't raining and there were no reports of storms, or tornadoes in the vicinity at the time of the incident.

May 15, 1900, fish fell on the town of Olneyville, Rhode Island.

In November 1896, early morning brought a deluge of dead birds that fell from the sky over Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The sky was clear. The birds included wild ducks, woodpeckers and many others.

In 1894, Jellyfish dropped down on Bath, England.

In 1881, during a thunderstorm in Worcester, England, tons of periwinkles and hermit crabs fell from the sky.

In 1877, several alligators about a foot in length, fell on a farm in South Carolina. According to a
report in The New York Times, the alligators were alive, unharmed and crawling around.
That same year, a rain of living snakes fell over the southern part of Memphis, Tennessee.

In August of 1870, a shower of water lizards hit Sacremento, California. The water lizards were alive when they hit the ground.

August 1, 1869, an unidentified animal (thought to be a cow), came down in pieces over California. A similiar incident happened in 1876, when pieces of some unidentified animal rained down on Olympian Springs, Bath County, Kentucky.

In 1861, Singapore saw a rain of fish from the sky.

Throughout the years, strange objects, animals, fish, birds and frogs, have been swept up in tornadic winds, to be deposited elsewhere. However, water spouts and tornadoes cannot account for every oddity that falls from the sky.

It's no wonder that Chicken Little thought the sky was falling.

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  1. Here is another story!

    August 1869, a farm in Los Nietos experienced a rain of flesh and blood that lasted about 3 mintues.

    Personally I don't believe this. I don't because blood has to evaporate, but blood doesn't evaporate!


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