Friday, September 4, 2009

Signs Of Alien Abduction

1.To carry off by force; kidnap.
2.The act of taking someone against their will.
3.The act of taking of a person by force.

Regardless of the claims skeptics make that abductees are only experiencing sleep paralysis, if you feel you have been taken against your will by alien intruders, the feelings, the terror are all too real.

Sleep paralysis is real but not everyone experiences it, at least not on a conscious level. On the other hand, are alien abductions a possibility? I personally believe it is.

Upon extensive research and relying on personal experiences, I've decided to list possible signs of alien abduction. You may be able to relate to some, or all and there may be signs that I have not listed. I've seen other lists but I do not feel the need to be redundant here.

Possible Signs of Alien Abduction:

1. Lost/Missing Time: Lost time is any time that you can't recall what you were doing, or what
happened to you. For instance, you are driving and get to your destination but more time has elapsed than should have and you don't know how that happened.

2. You feel you aren't alone, or that someone is watching you but it appears no one is around.

3. You wake up and find scars, scratches, cuts, scoop marks or bruising on your body, that weren't there before you went to bed.

4. Hearing unusual tapping, humming or buzzing noises, usually at bedtime or during the night.

5. Seeing a "UFO": At any time during your life you’ve seen strange lights in the sky, or saw what you thought might be an alien craft, or even an alien being.

6. Sleepwalking: If at any time you have awoke to find yourself in a different place from where you went to sleep and have no idea how you got there.

7. You experience insomnia, due to nightmares, or you feel too afraid to sleep.

8. Nightmares: Specifically, nightmares concerning aliens, large eyed creatures, alien spacecraft, or dreams of medical procedures done to you or others. Also, dreams of floating through the air.

9. Unexplained Medical Problems: You suddenly become ill with sinus problems, fatigue, headaches, rashes, auto-immune disorder or other serious illness that can't be explained.

10. You feel a compulsion to go to a particular place, even one you have never been to.

11. You or your physician discover a strange, unexplainable object inside your body, usually located in one of your extremities, your back, neck, behind the ear or inside your nose.

12. If you are a woman and pregnant, then suddenly the pregnancy is terminated, with no discharge, no fetus and for no apparent reason.

13. If you are a woman and feel you have been raped, yet you were "alone".

14. If you are male and feel that you have had intercourse while sleeping, or have had semen extracted.

15. If you wake up and can't move, or you are awake and suddenly are immobilized.

16. If you wake up and see lights in your room or in your house, or beings (or shadowy figures) in your room.

17. If you have dreams that you are flying through the air, or in some type of craft.

18. You suddenly feel as though you have some degree of psychic ability.

19. You wake up with a nose bleed for no apparent reason.

20. Suddenly become obsessive compulsive, such as constantly checking to make sure doors are locked.

21. You recall seeing hooded figures, or Men in Black (also see black helicopters).

22. You recall seeing beings that are not human.

23. You suddenly have a fear or wariness of a certain "place".

24. Others in your family suspect, or recall that they have been abducted by aliens.

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