Wednesday, September 23, 2009

LITS Solves the Google Earth- Bristol Channel UFO Mystery

There are at least two "Google Earth" UFOs floating around on the internet. The latest Google Earth UFO appears to be a saucer type object above the waters of the Bristol Channel, off the southern shore of Wales, near the Aberthaw Power Station.

I at first thought it to be one of the "domes" near the station, but those are closer, smaller and clearly seen in the photo.

The photo below was taken from Rhoose Point, looking west towards Aberthaw Power Station.

(Click on photos for larger view.)

Looking at a number of photos, I've concluded that it isn't a UFO, "flying saucer", or otherwise.

Sorry to be a party pooper but a wee bit of sleuthing would have solved the mystery before it got started.

Case solved, not a UFO.

Ah, wait! There is one I haven't figured out yet. It's the one that was located near Hong Kong, China. I'm still working on that one. It does appear to be flying and it is an unidentified object at this time, so I'm labeling it a UFO.

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  1. I think it would be a great idea if there where coordinates listed with these descriptions and photos as it is vertually impossible to locate them otherwise...the more eyes on them the better to figure out if they are UFO's or weather balloons and such!


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