Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Do You Believe In UFOs?

Polls And The UFO Phenomena-
By S. Williams
September 1, 2009

In 1997, 3 million Canadians claimed to have seen UFOs.

CNN ran a Poll for June 15, 1997. Nearly 80% of those responding, believed that the U.S. government is hiding knowledge of aliens.

In 1999, a Roper Poll suggested that when asked what people thought UFOs were, 25% thought they were alien spaceships, 12% thought they were secret government programs, 9% said hallucinations, 19% said UFOs are normal events that are misinterpreted by witnesses, and 7% said travelers from other dimensions.

By 2002 (depending on which Poll you believe to be more accurate), one in seven American said they, or someone they knew had an experience involving a UFO. Another poll showed that more than half (56 percent) of the American public thought that UFOs are something real and not just in people's imagination. Nearly as many (48 percent) believed that UFOs have visited earth in some form.

In December of 2008, according to the Harris Poll roughly 36% of Americans believe in UFOs. Um, let's clarify this: UFOs (to them) equals "alien", not just an "Unidentified Flying Object". A balloon drifting on the air currents might be a UFO... that is, if you can't identify it as a balloon, or any other known object, then it's a UFO.

According to the Harris Poll of Dec, 2008: "Catholics are more likely than Protestants to believe in Darwin’s theory of evolution (by 52% to 32%), ghosts (by 57% to 41%), UFOs (by 43% to 31%), and astrology (by 40% to 28%). Protestants are slightly more likely than Catholics to believe in creationism (by 54% to 46%)." What do Catholics know that everyone else doesn't?

Your best bet would be to ask everyone you know if they think alien space craft really fly around and land on our planet. You will probably find that one third will say yes, one third will say no and one third are "undecided". The ones that don't believe, won't believe no matter what the evidence, so work on the ones that are on the fence. Those "undecideds" are bound to fall, one way or the other.

OK, so what do all these Polls actually mean? Not much, other than some people like conducting polls and others like participating in them, more in some months/years than others. Or maybe it's that people are actually starting to pay attention to what is going on around them.

The media plays down any UFO sightings, if they report at all. That leaves websites and blogs dedicated to such phenomena, as the only sources of information. We the people end up wading though all the fakery, to get glimpses of truth.

Watch the sky, you just might see something you can't identify.

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