Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Cloud disguised boomerang shaped UFO seen in California

Depiction drawn by witness.
LITS Case # 06-4172010-01
MUFON Case # 22911

I received an email after a witness commented on the Bellville, TX Boomerang report that was posted here in September, 2009.  It seems that recently on April 17, 2010, he and a friend saw the same type craft over Red Bluff, California.  Could this be one of ours and if so, what... or is it something else?

EDavid wrote in comments:

My friend and I saw this exact same object two days ago, April 17, 2010, in the night sky over Red Bluff, CA! You describe the object perfectly, that is exactly what we saw! I went online to research "v-shaped" or "boomerang" shaped UFOs and saw the image from this site that led me to this article. The object moved in a completely straight line, and your description of the light shining off of it as a spotlight would off of clouds is spot on, that's what I thought it reminded me of too, but there weren't any clouds in the sky, it was clear; no spotlights circulating the sky either. It was as if the cloudy atmospheric substance was flowing from the front, over the wings and the rest of the object, which was a dark boomerang shape against the night sky, devoid of lights. Blew our minds! I'm glad we're not the only ones who have seen something like this, everyone thought we were nuts, but we know what we saw, and it was this same UFO.

Later in an email, EDavid wrote to me and sent a drawing (shown above) of what he saw:

I recently replied to an article on your site from September 15, 2009, where a v-shaped, or boomerang type, UFO was reported seen over Belville, Texas.  The description given in the article is quite close, almost exactly, to what my friend and I saw over Red Bluff, CA, on April 17, 2010.  It was flying away from us, in a straight and steady path, silently, with this weird cloud-like substance flowing over the craft from the front to the back.  At first glance I believed it to be a strange, angular cloud, moving, but the movement of the object was impossible for it to be merely a cloud, and as I watched it further I could see that an object was underneath the cloud-like substance.  I drew a picture last night of what we saw, and have attached it to this email.  

Original post:
Cloud-like Boomerange UFO Seen In Bellville, Texas

I wish to extend my thanks to EDavid, for sending in this report. 
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Since this posting, EDavid has submitted an excellent report to MUFON.  You can read the complete report here:
MUFON Case # 22911

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  1. I was at work, late at night at a local restaurant in a small town called Sapulpa, Oklahoma. It was closing time and I decided to take a smoke break before closing up. As I sat at our break table outside, taking a few drags, I saw a HUGE boomerang shaped aircraft glide in from behind me, over my head at exactly 10:50PM. It was at a very low level, maybe 1000-1500 feet in the air. It made NO SOUND at all and seemed to glide at a speed of maybe 15 to 30 mph. It was black, and there seemed to be a series of small, white lights lining the under belly of the craft and wings. It traveled slowly in a straight path and just vanished beyond my viewpoint. My email is evilgeminitwin@gmail.com if anyone wants to talk.

  2. I saw the exact same thing on the 20 April 2010 at 19:55 pm. I am from Johannesburg, South Africa. My email is charmednah@webmail.co.za.

  3. I saw a smaller version fly over my house in South Austin Texas at 9:30 this evening, Sept 26, 2010. It was totally silent, with no lights at all. Gunmetal gray, probably 8-10 feet across and gliding northwest to southeast at about a 100 ft. altitude, probably 50 miles per hour. I would have never seen it if I would not have been looking straight at it. Email lelabear33@yahoo.com for more details.

  4. I just saw something similar to lela fly over my house in Kyle, TX at 10:15pm tonight, September 27, 2010. Kyle is just south of Austin. It was heading in the same direction, north-west to south-east at about 50mph. Boomerang shaped, huge, and with a row of faint red lights (like dim stars) lining the front of it. I could barely see it, like a shadow moving across the sky. Would never have seen it if I had not been looking at a plane when it flew across my field of vision.

  5. This occured in Oklahoma City on 10/24/2010 at approx 9:20 pm. My wife and I were sitting in our hot tub (with the jets off) in silence when a white, silver looking boomerang craft flew right towards us and directly over our heads. The craft was approx 80' to 100' feet above us, approx 30' wide and 20' in depth, was completely silent the entire time. It was moving at a slow speed of approx 25 MPH and we watched it go in a straight line past us for approx. 400' when it started to turn then disappeared. It was not too far from us to go out of sight, but simply just vanished. The moon was almost full and visability was good as there was no clouds at all. There is no doubt in our minds at all that this was not a UFO. It looked exactly like the picture on this website

  6. I observed this same or similar craft flying in the night sky over southwest Idaho. It traveled in a straight line from east to west at a very high altitude and speed. There were no marker lights or noise. It appeared to have a flowing translucence to the wing edges similar to the drawing. It appeared to have a changing goldish/orange color to it which I presumed to be reflections off of the sun which was down over the horizon at the time that I saw it.

  7. I have seen the large one with the red lights as well, all though I remember them being on the back edge of the craft, but it was years ago.
    I was also looking in the right place at the right time.(Low clouds partially covering the sky) It came out of the clouds right above my head (materialized?)
    It started moving toward me. It stopped, started moving west to east accross the sky, made a quarter turn and then shot across the sky, went behind a building and then seemed to disappear (going amazingly fast).


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