Friday, May 7, 2010

Munich sighting of boomerang object with "flowing light"

Note: I recently received this email, from a witness in Germany who saw a possibly 'cloud covered' boomerang-shaped object in 2009.  The report is "as is".

Today I discovered your website and the articles about the boomerang shaped objects.

In 2009, August, the 18 (around that day) I watched an object in the nightsky at 11 pm in the sky over Munich, Germany, which was similar to those on your website.
I took one of the photographs and manipulated it slightly to show what I saw.
The object flew from north to south, seemed to fly at high altitude, therefor was very big (length of a thumb at the latitude) and made absolutely no noise at all.
I lost sight when it got dimmer and dimmer and vanished in the sky.
The frontside of the "wings" seemed to be covered with a sort of flowing light, which was bright at the front and lost the brightness at the rear.
This makes that I could see that the tail shone up like a mirrored zigzag-line.
There were absolutely no blinking lights.
I thought it to be a TR3 B, but who knows?
I gave this report to MUFON, Germany last year.


(Illustration manipulated by witness)
*        *        *
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