Thursday, May 20, 2010

UFO Seen Over Windmills Near Thurber

A report has been just recently submitted to MUFON, concerning amber lights in the Brownwood MOA.
The witness claims to be an aircraft designer and pilot.  He does not refer to these lights (that so many Texans witnessed in March of 2010), as flares.
Click on case number for original report.

MUFON Case #   23372
Date:    2010-03-04
Time:    20:36 GMT
City:    Thurber
State:    Texas
Shape:    Diamond,Triangle
Duration:    00:10:00
Summary:    UFO was within 30 nm when noticed, traveling at slow speed with amber lighting s to n @ 20-25* above horizon - very large

On the beautiful evening of March 4, 2010 @ 8:36 pm, I was traveling home from work from Granbury to Lipan on FM4. About 10 miles out from Granbury, heading west, I caught a glimpse of an unusual light flickering in the western night sky. I ignored it for a few seconds... and was thinking to myself it was must be a plane on arrival to KDFW or a plane passing through at a high altitude through the different classes of airspace. All of a sudden the flickering light transitioned into a continuous brilliant amber glow; at this point I had to pull over to analyze what I was witnessing. This UFO I was viewing was within 25-30 miles and about 25*-30* above the horizon line. The craft seemed to be hovering with no movement for a few seconds and then it would slowly move from South to North. There were six total pulsating amber colored lights illuminating this craft rendering a diamond shape, possibly triangular pattern. Again, this craft was within a 20-30nm visibility range on this clear night and was not just another *DOT*, w/ strange lights you see from time to time that turn out to be a airliner deviating to assigned VOR stations issued by the FTW CTR ATC - whick this process sometimes will trick the eye into thinking it must be an UFO. After a minute or two on the shoulder of FM 4, two other vehicles were pulled over in front of... and behind me, but not close enough to verbally share the experience. I decided to attempt to catch video of the lights with my RCA pocket size DVR, but the zoom is very limited and had zero success. I then decided to use my Canon DSR camera with a 70-200mm L lens, but to my disappointment the craft and it's lights were gone once I turned on the camera. I thought, “isn’t that typical???” to myself. So... after waiting a few more minutes I decided to move on up the road, wife and kids were waiting on me. As I put my vehicle into drive and began rolling onto the pavement, I noticed the craft and the lights again, but by the time I disembarked the vehicle with my camera it was gone. All gone!
I’ve been in the aviation business a long time, primarily design and recreational flying, for me it’s not just a hobby... it’s a passion besides my Lord and my family. This was not any type of aircraft that I’ve been exposed to in my life of 31 years. The lighting being transmitted from this UFO was not of any pattern that would resemble military/ airline/ civilian aircraft being used in today's time. Pilots are trained to identify the color/patterns of strobes on aircraft and distinguishing between military or civilian a/c.
So is this another military special ops training mission to the Brownwood MOA??? Most residents of this tri-county area are routinely exposed to these exercises and see CH-46s, UH-60s, C-130s, F-16s, F-18s, etc, flying hard and low all over these parts at all times of the day. That’s normal flight traffic to me and expect it without warning night and day. Is this UFO a top secret a/c the US military is testing at night in around this airspace? Maybe. Are Alien UFOs visiting the Wind Turbines located in this area where I’ve calculated the lights/craft to be orbiting (32.4229325564, -98.4531027856)? Maybe. Or is it the military's way of replacing the shuttle program... we wish!
I have been procrastinating posting this sighting for several weeks, but lately have been motivated by one more sighting. This, most recent, sighting happened two nights ago, May 17, 2010, when my wife and I were enjoying the stars from outside our country home around 10pm or so. We were walking across the yard and we both noticed a bright amber colored light very low to the horizon, we both immediately thought it was a satellite or a weather balloon. The lights we were seeing were the same lights that I witnessed back in March. Somehow we managed to miss the lights earlier due to our eyes being focused in the skies watching satellites pass over. We witnessed this sighting for about 2 minutes and as we began to get a better view from my hilltop it vanished. They'll be back... =)

Original Photo

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Note: I truly believe that the sightings of March, 2010, in the North Central West Texas Area should be examined more closely.  
Myself and my spouse (retired aviation mechanic) also witnessed these lights.  We do not believe they were flares. -SW


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