Thursday, May 27, 2010

Humans and Reptilian Aliens - Alpha, Omega

Called the R-Complex (Reptilian Complex), and largely unchanged by evolution, the innermost in our brain is what is called the reptilian brain, the oldest and most primitive part.

We share this commonality with all vertebrates (animals that have a backbone). The R-Complex controls body functions required for sustaining life (breathing and body temperature). It is also responsible for behavior relating to survival of the species (sexual behavior, fight or flight responses, rage, territorial behavior, etc.).

If you follow evolution, we evolved from a single celled life form, then a fish, to a type of amphibian, then to a small mammal, next an ape type creature and then us.  This supposedly took place over several million years of evolution. 

We know there are always naturally occurring mutations, some work and some do not.  What works might move on to the next level.  What doesn't work, dead ends and dies out.

As humans, we are still evolving, changing.  Average height of humans is now taller, we live longer (due to better medical treatments and better food), and just over the last few years, more subtle changes have been taking place. What might those changes be?

Are aliens responsible for creating us?  I am at least, open to that possibility.  I am fairly sure they would like to take all the credit but Nature herself, has her ways as well.  But who knows, maybe the aliens themselves, are our 'missing link'.

Do the aliens (the many varied species) mean us any harm?  I believe some do, most definitely but it isn't to eradicate us, it's to use us, though there may be some that would like nothing better than to see us all die, much like the aliens in the movie "Independence Day".

Are there benevolent aliens, those who would help us, shepherd us along towards a better existence?  Probably so but I just haven't met any, at least none I am aware of.

How many times has a new "millennia" rolled around and people claimed the end of the world was fast approaching, only to have the appointed time slip by without even a tremble, or a tiny tug on the web of life?  Well,  2 for millennias and the 3rd "end" may be 2012.  Are the aliens coming to save us, annihilate us, or are they even out there?

Is our reptilian brain a shared common with reptilian aliens?  Well, duh!  Even so, I rather doubt they see us as long lost 'kin'.  Probably  more like an entree'.  Disclosure needs to happen soon, before that option is void and we're caught with our collective pants down.

What will happen in December of 2012?  Will it be the end, or a new beginning and if the later, at who's expense will it all begin?  Is an armada of invading reptiles headed our way, or is a rogue planet known as Nibiru about to enter our neighborhood, changing us forever?  Might we be falling prey to paranoid reptilian brains...

If we spend all of our time preparing to "die", we will not be prepared to "live".  There is a big change coming but it will not be what so many expect.  Maybe we won't like the change but it has already begun.  I wonder which brain will save us.

Look around you.  Hear a distant tapping on the door?  They're here.


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