Monday, May 10, 2010

Missing Time in Saskatchewan - 1993

Here is a classic case of abduction and loss of time; apparently 9 hours worth and recently reported to MUFON.   The abduction is said to have occurred in Saskatchewan, Canada on June 1, 1993.

Note:  Spelling and some grammatical corrections have been made to this report.  To see the original report, please click on the case number.

MUFON Case # 23214
Date:     June 1, 1993
City:     Canora
Region:     Saskatchewan
Country: Canada
Shape:     Cylinder
Distance: 100 feet or less
Summary:  Time loss: 9:00 pm to 8:00 am next day.

We were leaving Canora Sask. to drive to Yorkton, Sask.approx. 9:00 pm. My wife asks me why I am driving this way, not my normal route.

The next thing I remember is, it is morning, approx.8:00 am. We are sitting in our car. It is parked on a gravel road next to a farmers field.Car is off, keys in the ignition. It was like I just woke up. I looked at my wife and said we should get going. I Wasn't aware of anything wrong. Didn't feel panicked or abnormal.

I looked in the field and there was a cylinder shaped object laying on its side, not touching the ground, just above the wheat field. It was like a chrome silver, smooth, as in no seems, rivets or anything on the exterior.It had a round pointy end on both sides. It looked like chrome but there was no reflection in it.

I commented.What's that.My wife replied, "A grain bin." 

I replied, "How is it laying there not touching the ground?"

My wife says, "It must have legs." I look at this object. No legs, no noise, I could actually see air space between the bottom of the cylinder and the top of the crop.

The object was about 60-70ft long by 20ft in diameter. It was about 100 ft from the road .My wife says "Go and take a look at it."

I get this uneasy feeling and have this desire to get the hell out of here. I drive to Yorkton, Sask. and arrive at the grandmother's house. She meets us at the door and says, "You guys stay in a hotel?" We don't reply back..

"Where were you guys last night?" ...We don t reply back.

I heard her questions but my mind went blank for a response. It did not sink in to me that I was away all night, that I left at 9:00 pm the night before and just arriving now.

The Grandma says there's something wrong..We are acting funny.I have no reply, Don't feel anything is wrong or abnormal.

As I type this my heart is racing. I'm laying in bed watching TV. My head feels hot.

Diane arrives after awhile. It was her house in Canora that we left the night before. She starts asking us if we got a hotel. No reply to her.  She asks if we were doing drugs or something...No reply from me.

Diane goes and talks to her niece, my wife. I don t know what happened but Diane is upset that we didn't contact anyone and we aren't saying anything. I don't feel as if anything is wrong and do not realize that there has been a time loss, that I can't account for. The subject gets dropped and we go on as usual.

I have never ever brought this up with my wife, or Diane,or the grandma. But I distinctly remember this as stated.  It is approx. 15 years after the incident happened, that I am now talking about it.



  1. HI I admire your site. thank you
    I have a question. do you have a contact email for a UFO research centre in Saskatchewan. I would like to do research having had a weird encounter myself, in Saskatchewan Canada.I can not find anything there, and the emails I do find, are all coming back as undeliverable.
    Best wishes

  2. Thanks! I'm not sure that there is a research center in Saskatchewan but if I find any info, I will post it.


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