Friday, May 14, 2010

Chrome Sphere UFO Affects Beach-Goers

One MUFON report leads to a previous sighting...

(Depiction by SW- click on image for larger view.)

MUFON Case # 23273
Date:    11/30/1963
City:    Cape Beach??
State:    Florida
Shape:  Sphere
Summary: Saw a chrome Sphere with yellow green rings above us at the beach north of the Cape.

This Case was imputed by Morgan Beall, MUFON Field Investigator 12273. Spoke to case number 23268s father. Primary witness was a air force pilot for the majority of his life and has never seen anything like it.

Spoke to primary witness who witnessed a object at Cape Canaveral Beach in 1964 with a date. Described it as a steel ball like a steal barring. It had two rings one horizontal the other vertical. Color of the rings were yellow green fuzzy color. At arms length the object was about the size of a tennis ball.

He noticed the object due to the silence that occurred at the beach area. Looked up and saw the described object. All the people on the beach area were all silent and starring at the object. The object then took off straight up in seconds. The primary witness then described the reaction of the people on the beach as not alarmed but were described as zombie like and all of them began to walk out of the beach area, get in their cars and leave. Even a vendor attached his cart to his vehicle and calmly got in his vehicle and drove off. Ray and his date followed soon after.
Videoed Interview
Note: Here is the report that was referred to in previous report:
MUFON Case # 23268
Date:    05/12/2010
Time:    22:15
City:     Naples
State:   Florida
Shape:  Disc
Summary: 1 grown man 2 small children witnessed the event

My friends father and two children were in their yard and saw a very large object very high in the sky.One of the children was the first to spot the object who in turn pointed the object out to the grandfather and other child.Children were frightened and the grandfather who has been in the airforce did not have an explanation for the rather large object covered with lights.He said he "had not seen anything that BIG or FAST before with so many lights".After they saw the object the children were very frightened and went inside.The next morning one the children woke to tell a story of being visited by two of the pilots of said object.The grndfather said that the object was very high and was flying at great speed and was "huge".


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