Friday, May 21, 2010

Shine on, Hyperion

A report was submitted to MUFON, not of a UFO sighting or an alien abduction, but of a green light seen on the surface of one of Saturn's moons, Hyperion.  Apparently the original photo has been manipulated and the 'green light' has been removed. Hmm...

Here is that report, from an astute observer in Texas:

MUFON Case # 23389

Please forward to someone that is truly interested.  Reference NASA's "Feast for the Eyes", Saturn. 

The Moon Hyperion has a bright incandescent light, visible on the surface.  Place a cross hair on the moon, top right-hand quadrant, approximately 20 degrees, close to the center line.

There is a bright incandescent green light on the surface.  Original picture frame PIA 07740.jpg showed the light clearly, if you zoom in approximately 200%.

The current picture has a circular area where the light is but the coloring has been removed.  I have the original on my laptop, with the light, should you be interested.

Not a UFO but whatever it is, it is not natural.  The moon is gray. Tom Young

*          *          *

Note: The original text was "all caps" and I have made a few spelling and grammar corrections.  To view original report, please click on case number.


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