Thursday, October 10, 2013

Witness Reports Observing Mothership and Smaller Craft Over Milford, Michigan

The witness reports having seen a possible "mothership" and smaller craft, over Milford, Michigan.

This report was submitted to MUFON.
The report is unedited.

MUFON Case #51408    
Location of Sightiong: Milford, MI
Date of Sighting:      10-08-2013
Summary: mother ship hovering. many orbs flying around.

On Oct. 8th. 2013 at approx . 8:15pm saw a bright object below the crescent moon. Then observed several orbs brightly lit around the bright object. Drove towards Milford on Pontiac trail and stopped at a field in Wixom, exited the vehicle and stood in a field and watched for approx. a half hour as what I would describe as the mother ship hovered in position while as many as ten different orbs would fly around it.
There was a large amount of planes and helicopters around this area. I watched as the mothership would descend in the flash of a second and then hover stationary. Many little orbs (they looked about the size and brightness of a satellite ) flew around the mothership (usually in pairs of two or three) A second witness that was also looking at ufo stated that it appears two of the ships were firing at each other via a beam of light.
I looked to the north where ships were reported as shooting at each other. I observed the orbs in question but did not observe any shooting of rays. i observed orbs get brighter then disappear in a flash. When I looked where the mothership was.... it was gone.
The incident lasted about forty minutes. It did appear as if the u.f.os were engaging each other or engaging planes and helicopters in the vicinity.
A poster from Royal Oak ( several cities east of my location) stated he watched what appeared to be a helicopter shoot down a ufo that fell from the sky. around same time frame.
Drove west of my location from Wixom to Milford trying to observe more. But to no avail.
When I returned home I observed a very low flying airplane (just above tree line) never saw a plane flying that low. The whole event was quite amazing.

* No photos available.


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