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Witnesses Observe Bright Blue Lights On Two Craft Near George West, Texas- 10/21/2013


I received a report from LITS South Texas Lead Investigator, Connie Churchill.   In that report, a witness observed 2 circular (disc?) craft with large, bright blue lights. which were also seen by other witnesses.

The objects/lights appeared to hover about, over pasturage near a ranch house.

This event occurred  3 miles north of George West, Texas. 

Here is that report:

LITS (Lights in the Texas Sky) UFO Investigations

Location: Co rd 889, 3 miles north of George West, Texas
Date of Sighting: 10/21/2013
Time  of sighting:  just before dark...7:30 pm (still daylight)
Duration of sighting:  Approx. 4 hours
Shape:     Circle, Disc
Weather Conditions: Cool night, slight cloud cover

The witness pulled into a local roadside business and was surprised to see a large horizontal ring of bright blue lights across the road behind her. It was as large as the ranch house behind it. Each of the large blue lights shone steadily. The ring hovered low as the witness watched for several minutes kicking up dust under it, as it wandered the open pasture (an area covering 5 acres or more.)

The witness got back in her car and drove west for another advantage spot. The ring of lights hovered about the front pasture and the witness drove back to parking lot and snapped 2 photos with her cell phone. On the third attempt to photograph, her phone crackled and went black, leaving her with the impression the craft 'zapped' it with an apparent light flash in her direction.

Later, we realized that none of the photos came out.

After watching a while longer, the witness noticed two men working on a boat just a few doors down. She drove there and the 3 watched together, even standing on a vehicle to get a better look at the objects.

During the sighting another identical ring of blue lights rose up from a creek bed, just behind the house on the property. Both of the objects hovered and changed their altitude within the fenced in pasture.

There was no sound coming from the objects.

The witnesses noticed no heat or vibration. There was however, a thrust of wind under the objects when they got closer to the ground.

The witness had a very clear, very close look at the objects moving as close as 50 yards near her.

A follow up investigation found no apparent disturbance to anything... soil, brush or trees within the sighting area of the crafts.

After watching for 2 hours, the witness reported that the blue lights turned white. It was just a short time later the three witnesses realized the objects had disappeared.

Final time: 11:30 pm.

*          *          *

Note: I was sent the photos that the witness took.  Something should have appeared in the photo, such as sky, background trees, etc.  However, the photos were completely blank, as if all data had been stripped.

In addition, on that same evening, a witness miles away near Fayette, Texas observed similar blue lights.  The lights were seen to be heading south.

That report can be read here:
Disc with blue lights seen near Fayette, Texas 10-21-2013 

If you witnessed either of these events, please send us your report.   Thank you. - Sunny


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