Thursday, December 15, 2011

1980: Cigar-shaped UFO Sighting In Maryland

Depiction by SW/LITS


A Maryland witness recalls a 1980 encounter with occupants of a cigar-shaped craft.

Was this possibly and abduction and the memories that remain are of the craft leaving?  The witness is left wondering if it was only a dream.

This report has been edited for clarity.  Click on case number for original report.


MUFON Case # 34018
Date:    1980-06-01
Location: Baltimore County, Maryland
Shape:      Cigar
Duration:  00:15:00
Distance:   Unknown
Summary:  Sighting when I was a kid

Not real sure if it was a dream or it was real but it sure felt real and I have lived with it all my life.

We owned a farm in Baltimore County Md. on Rolling Rd. It was about 18 acres or so. The incident took place late at night not sure of the exact time but everyone was asleep in the house.

All that I can remember is that it was a very clear night, with a few white puffy clouds.  I was standing outside of the back of the house looking up, don't remember even going outside of the house. 

The memory starts with me looking up at, I guess what some would call a cigar shaped craft.  It looked grey on top and bottom, with windows that appeared to go around the center of the craft.  There was no lighting except where the windows were and that was just white continuous light that wrapped around the craft.

The craft was tipped to its side and a person was standing toward the front of the craft waving.  I remember that person looking just like we do, as far as human features and wearing a jump suit kind of clothing.

The whole incident didn't last long at all and as he was waving the craft leveled up and just casually drifted away and as that craft left, I looked up and seen high up in the sky several crafts going all kinds of speeds.  None were super fast, they were all cruising different moderate speeds.

After that I just went in and went back to sleep. Its a dream that has stayed with me since I was child. I don't know how I got outside.  I wasn't scared or nothing like that.  It actually was a very peaceful feeling.

I think it happened in the summer, because it was a very warm night out. I do remember going inside and just going to bed like nothing happened. It was a weird experience but a peaceful one.

(Name redacted)


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