Monday, December 12, 2011

Strange Energy is claimed to have injured man in British Columbia

I suppose these images could be created by shining a laser around but you have to admit, this following story is somewhat compelling.

[This report contains some spelling corrections only.]


MUFON Case # 33955
Date:    2011-03-11
Time:    20:00
City:    Forest Grove
Region:    British Columbia
Country:    Canada
Shape:    Circle,Fireball,Flash,Oval,Star-like,Teardrop,Unknown
Distance:    20 feet or less
Summary:    High energy entity coming out of the sky and down into the forest, flying all over and make many different shapes, reminds me of something from Disney

My Brother and one another of my employees witnessed these bizarre events which took place on my companies property from the time from the Japan Tsunami March 11 to the preceding super-moon March 19. It first looked like a really bright moon in the close sky that elongated, split in two and started putting on a display of different shapes, right over my cabin. It would come into the forest mid tree level and we have several pictures of it coming thru the cabin window and the end of it formed a perfect human like hand and swiped my brothers face. we have several clear close up pictures Then it flashed inside the cabin we have a really bizarre photo of what happened.

The one guy is totally freaked out , he was severely injured and hospitalized for 3 months after being attacked by it in the cabin [all of his front teeth knocked out and a stroke. My brother left vowing to never go back there, but is back there now. They believe it's strong spirits with a very strong electrical energy. One interesting point is that.

We have 176 first hand photos, including the one bizarre encounter with my brother in the cabin.
They land is a humic bog with a high electromagnetic signature coming from the ground, The are is also called the Gateway Unincorporated. only 3 photos submitted, it came day or night, it was phenomenally bright. No one else in the area that we talked to has ever seen it.
Pics taken with a Nikon Cool pix.

Photo links:

Note:  If you were involved in this incident, or have had a similar encounter, please contact me. -SW


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