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Pottstown Rectangle UFO and How Some People Ignore UFOs

How can some people be affected by observing UFOs (unidentified flying objects) and others simply shrug and walk away as if it's no big deal, seemingly ignoring the unusual?

Below is a report from a man in Pennsylvania, who along with others observed a UFO.  It drew his interest, while at the same time it had little affect on others.

What is different about these observations?  Lets take a look.


[Please note that this report has been edited for spelling. To see original report, click on case number.]

MUFON Case # 33787
Date:    1990-09-15
Time:   10:15
City:    Pottstown
State:    Pennsylvania
Shape:    Sphere,Square/Rectangular
Distance: One mile or less
Summary: about 1500 feet almost right above me. A Rectangular shape with concave ends

Just coming out of a retail store at a strip mall. The mall was near the intersection of Montgomery and Berks counties.

I owned the store and was taking a new employee to another store I owned. The employee was a old friend and a he had a private pilots license. Looked up and saw 7/8 small ball like objects flying around a stationary rectagular object.

The ends of the large object were concave. My friend saw it. I went back into my store got another employee who came out and saw it.  There were a few other people in the area who saw it.  Oddly no one seem to care much about what they were seeing.

After about 15 minutes my old friend and I went to the other store.  When I came back the objects were gone.

To this day I can not get this sighting out of my head, and the lack of observers caring about what they were seeing is a mystery to me.


Effects of UFOs Upon People

The Effects of UFO's on People

The History and Psychological Effects of UFOs on the American People

Religion vs. God

UFOs 101

Seeing Is Believing?

Seeing isn't always believing

Why is it that some people acknowledge that what they are seeing, might represent the possibility of UFOs and life outside our own world?

One reason is obvious.  For many people, the acknowledgement of UFOs and alien beings goes against everything they have been taught, from parental ideology, or religious beliefs.  Another is that our government says these things don't exist. 

OK, so when did you start believing everything the government tells you?  You think they hold no secrets?  If so, please refer to what a former Canadian Minister of National Defense had to say about aliens and UFOs.

Imagine this...

From an early age, most children are told that their 'imaginary friend' is just that, their imagination.  That their fear of the boogie man under the bed, in the closet, or the little men who come for them and do things to them, are just their vivid dreams, imaginations, hallucinations... But what if some of those accounts are real?

Ancient Aliens

As for religious skeptics, where does it say in the bible that aliens and UFOs are not real?  It doesn't.

In the Book of Ezekiel (Ezekiel 1:1–3:27), Ezekiel describes what can only be a "UFO" (unidentified flying object).

The first book of the bible refers to the Nephilim

These aren't the only biblical references to aliens or UFOs but they are the most well known.

There are references from ancient India, China, Europe, Africa and South America and North America (as listed below).

Fear of the unknown

As the person who reported the UFO in Pottstown, PA atated, "lack of observers caring about what they were seeing is a mystery to me."

I don't really see it as a "lack of caring", rather it is a more like a 'head in the sand' response. 

When it comes to aliens and UFOs, many people are simply too afraid to acknowledge that there might be something unexplainable, something or someone more intelligent, different, outside their realm of 'self'. 

Simply put, there are those that fear what they don't understand. 

-Sunny Williams, LITS


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  1. What this guy left out of his story was, the fact he did acid just before seeing said hallucination.


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