Friday, December 23, 2011

Oval Shaped Craft Emitting Beam Of Light Over Cleburne, Texas


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In Cleburne, Texas on December 19, 2011, while coming home from a shopping trip, a woman sees a beam of light emitting from an object in the sky. 

Unlike aircraft that are landing or taking off, the beam of light was reportedly pointed upwards into the night sky.

[Note: This report is edited.  Click on case number for original report. -SW]


MUFON Case # 34256
Date:    2011-12-19
Time:    19:19 CST
Status:    Assigned
City:    Cleburne
State:    Texas
Shape:    Circle, Disc, Oval
Duration:    00:08:00
Distance:    Unknown
Summary:    Craft shining beam of light in night sky.

On December 19, 2011, while in the car with my husband I witnessed something I've never seen before. As we were returning from shopping late on that evening, it had already gotten pitch dark. It was a little after 7pm.

I was looking out the passenger window at the businesses as we passed by them, something caught my eye and I looked in the sky, above everything. I saw this thing that looked almost like a ball of light, it was shining a beam of light out of the top of it into the sky above it. The beam shown very high above it, probably 50-100ft above it. You could see it fade into nothingness. Like when you shine the beam of a flash light on a itch black night, you can see where the beam ends. That's how this was.

It was also about 25-50 ft. across.  A quick note I'm estimating here, I maybe way off not sure.

I tried to get my husband to see it but he wasn't able to for fear of wrecking. We drove about a block or two with it still doing this and staying stationary. I turned my head for a moment I believe to tell my husband something and once I turned my attention back this craft had turned off the beam of light. Now it just looked like a ball of light just no where near as bright.

I could now see one single red blinking light on it. I could sorta make out a shape even though it was dark. It was sorta ball/saucer-like shaped. Of course I'm sure the darkness didn't help me any in knowing the exact shape. During this whole time I was just kinda amazed and curious about it.

The road made a turn and I lost sight if it, then found it again. Only to lose it again and never find it again. Which I find very strange that something like that could just completely disappear with out a trace with all the light it was emitting.

The speed of the craft the whole time seemed very slow. So that's how I don't see it disappearing like that even I'd it did speed away.  At first it just hovered there while it shown the beam.

I've never seen anything like it. My first thought was it was a helicopter, but what doesn't make sense is the thing looking like a ball of light even after the beam of light. I mean I know helicopters can have search lights so you can't use that as a point to show it wasn't one.

I suppose you can be the judge of what you think it was. To me I'm unsure but it sure seemed strange for a helicopter.


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