Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Lights and Triangles Over North Central Texas, 2009


Dublin sighting, February 5, 2009- String of Lights

*These reports and videos were recently submitted to MUFON. 

I have done an image capture of each video.  The reports are presented here "as is", with no corrections.

String of Lights Over Dublin

Dublin, Texas

On the night of Feb. 5, 2009 I went out to check the skies like I usually do. Directly above my house I saw 2 really big triangle light patterns. I started filming and was able to catch the second one disappearing. Then 7 lights in a row appeared and then disappeared. After that one light appeared and then was gone a few moments later. Towards the end of the sighting jets started appearing from everywhere. There were at least 12 jets out possibly more. No noise from the lights at all.



Triangle Lights

June 22, 2009 Sighting of Triangle.


On June 22, 2009 at approximately 9:49 pm I went outside to check the skies like most nights. I noticed something bright in the sky, so I grabbed my camcorder and started filming. At first I could only see one slow strobing light because it was headed straight towards me. Then it made a fairly sharp turn to the left and that is when I could really see the triangle light pattern on this object. Of the three lights, only one was strobing. After I knew I had some clear footage of it, I stopped filming briefly to set up my tripod. It was already connected to my camcorder. I then resumed filming but by that time this object had really picked up its speed. I could not get a steady shot even with my tripod. It then got so far away I could not see it anymore. This object made no sound at all. Really strange!



 [Note:  One can easily see that the triangle of lights are illuminating a an object (triangle), to which they are apparently attached.

As for the string of lights,  please note that the witness states the jets appeared  "after"  the  lights faded.  -SW]


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