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Hutto, TX- Couple Hear Humming Sound Overhead

Map - Hutto, Texas is near Georgetown, Round Rock and Pflugerville,
where there have previously been a number of UFO sightings reported.
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I received an email this morning, from a couple near Hutto, Texas, claiming that they each on two separate occasions heard a thumping sound, then a humming noise pass over their house.

The husband heard the sound on February 28, 2011 and his wife had heard it less that two weeks earlier.
Here is that report:

We didn't see them, but we heard something...

We just wanted to report something strange that occurred around the 28th of February, and about two weeks prior to that. My husband and I both had the same experience, separately, in different weeks, and each of us was alone during it, with the other one asleep.

The first time, it was around 2:30 AM the 21st of Feb, 2011 or late in the previous week (and I did not write the date down, regrettably). I was awakened by several thumps outside. I thought maybe a raccoon or coyote was going over the fence (it has happened in the past). I got up to investigate, and looked out the back toward a large open area. (We live on the edge of an undeveloped area close to Hutto, TX.)  I didn't see anything, no airplanes, helicopters, animals, nothing, not even any wind. But I heard something. It was a fairly loud humming sound that got louder, seemed to pass over or by the house, and then gradually died away. It was a very strange sound that I can't quite describe, but it was not the furnace, or the compressor, or anything in the house. I had never heard anything like it before. I thought about going outside, but I was dissuaded because my hair started standing up on the back of my neck! I stayed up a little longer, but all was quiet, so I returned to bed. I told my husband the next morning that I had heard thumps outside and heard a "weird noise" but that was all that I said about it.

My husband recounted this story to me. On the 28th of February, my husband was awakened by loud thumps that he thought were on the roof. (I did not hear anything, which is very unusual, being that I am a very light sleeper). He went to the back and looked out, didn't see anything at all, again, no airplanes, or anything. Then, as he described to me, he heard a loud thrumming or humming that was nearly on top of the house. He also said he thought about going outside, but decided that might be a very bad idea, and he felt freaked out by the noise, so he stayed inside. The humming noise died away in a few minutes. He returned to bed. In the morning he told me about what had happened, and I was startled to say the least! I reminded him about my experience and it was very similar to his, including a very strong reluctance to go outside to see what the sound was.

So we didn't see a UFO, but perhaps we heard one? If anyone knows of any stealth aircraft in the area, or some reason for this sound and thumps, we would like to know.

Also, we don't have any above-ground power lines, so there are no power converters, no large power towers or lines, and the closest street light is a block away from our house. We have no outdoor lights except for small fixtures on the front and back porch. There are no businesses or other sources of that kind of sound nearby that we know of. And, like some of the other people who have written from this area, we have a pretty dark sky and are accustomed to what it looks like, and the usual night time sounds--or lack of--it's very quiet here at 2:30-3:00 AM. We had never heard a sound like it. So the humming that seemed to exhibit a doppler effect (growing louder as it got closer and fading away as the source moved away) is very strange indeed.

Country Couple Near Hutto, TX

Note:  If you have heard a similar sound, or seen a UFO or other unexplained phenomena, please contact me. -SW


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  1. Hey, i looked this up under 'UFO loud humming noise'. I am as sane as you get and its taken me 16 years to get round to looking up this. I was in Birmingham approx. 1995 and i was in a residential house on my own and one day i heard a large humming noise from above the shop which got uncomfortably louder and louder. i also got the hair on the back of my neck weird feeling thing but i forced myself outside into the back garden. I kind of got the end of the world feeling in my head, like something really bad (can only explain the feeling of imagining the thought of a nuke coming down or something) coming down. I went outside, the noise seemed to be all around me and above, but there was nothing out there. No helicopter, absolutely nothing. It then disappeared and i felt normal but spooked. Told my girlfriend when she got home from work but obviously it meant nothing to her. Later that night or possibly the next day there was a report on the Radio about a near miss with a commercial plane over Birmingham the pilot swore it was a UFO. I have mentioned this to about 3 people in all this time and the only reason im writing this is for some reason tonight i thought i would look up the airplane incident in Birmingham all those years ago, I havent found anything on the report to confirm the radio report i heard all those years ago. Atleast i have now written this though and shared with someone a similar incident.

    In fact, just seen how long it is, so sorry for that.
    Pete G


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