Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sighting of a Large Circular Craft in the Ft. Worth Area, September 2010

Depiction of circular craft emerging from clouds - by SW.

A witness is just now reporting a September 2010 sighting, of a circular craft over a major highway in Ft. Worth, Texas.
Here is that unedited report.

MUFON Case #  28030
Log Number:  US-02282011-0007
Submitted Date:  2011-02-28  18:42
Event Date:   2010-09-07        01:00
City:    Fort Worth
State:    Texas
Shape:    Circle
Vallee Index:    CE1

I wrote the following the day that I saw this craft on September 7th, 2010:

I am a skeptic when it comes to UFOs. However I am struggling over the sighting of an object I saw early this morning at 1 A.M. (September 7, 2010). I was traveling south on I-35 and turning east on 820 Freeway in the Fort Worth area. It is an area where planes are frequently seen landing to the North into Alliance Airport. It was an overcast night so when I first saw the craft, the lights on the craft looked like bright landing lights and then it disappeared into the overcast. When it came out of the overcast clouds the object was directly over my car (about 300-500 ft)and the landing lights were no longer there. I just saw the glow from 12-15 windows. This was a large CIRCULAR object with approximately 12-15 lights facing downward near the outer rim forming a round shape.

These windows were square, on the bottom and curved up onto the side of the craft. Every other light appeared either brighter or dimmer…that is…there were TWO levels of brightness in the lights…every other one having a different level of brightness. Overcast was low but I still was able to observe a circular pattern and definitely was not a passenger plane. The lights were not as bright as landing lights would be…in fact they were quite dim by comparison and looked very much like large WINDOWS on a craft.

This object was not making the usual NW approach…instead it was traveling due West…not typical of craft in that area…not that is doesn’t happen but I just haven’t seen them do it. It doesn’t matter…the craft I witnessed looked nothing like an airliner. It was about the height of airliner on approach and also about the size of such. I have no logical explanation for what I saw.

Map of Fort Worth, Texas



  1. My sister saw this in canyon Tx September 2010 at 12.00ish as described here

  2. Thank you for the info. If she would like to make a report, she will will remain anonymous. Thanks again.


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