Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Texas UFO Sightings Reported to LITS- 2/28/2011

Here are reports I have received for the end of February, 2011.

Blanco County, Texas

Friday 25 Feb, 2011 @ approx. 5:15 AM I saw through a East window an object in the sky making it's way through miles of wide open space coming  from west and a bit north.  This object was not going fast, I watched it about 4 minutes - I guess, when directly behind the house trees at the window got in the way, although I could see the beautiful brilliant light through the leaf mass.  Ran out without shoes looking to the South but had lost it. Bet if I had my shoes on I could have caught it.  The stars that night were thousands on top of thousands, the moon was not full but very, very bright. 

Object didn't look large , huge like the reports I read above.  It looked round at times but maneuvered a bit then looked a wee bit different.  The eye catcher was the bright light.  Around it showed different colors of light.  The brightest most vibrant red and yellow that can't be described.  Also in the front there was green.  I can't remember flashing.

I live at [removed by SW/LITS],  Blanco County. Lots of space behind the house.

Don't know, of course, what it was but it was different.

*          *          *

Lohn, Texas

My husband and I have seen these lights several times over the last several weeks....last night was a real show....three bright yellow lights in a wide triangle in the NW sky blinked off one at a time ...then in the north sky three lined up equally distance apart and blinked off.   They usually blink off pretty fast but last week we saw one red and yellow that stayed long enough for us to get to the porch for a better look before it went out.
We are pretty secluded here with little light pollution so star gazing is regular.   These lights are not satelites or airplanes.   Maybe helicopters....we are in a flight path for Dyess AFB. 
I certainly won't say what they are or are not.  But curious.
[Name withheld by SW/LITS]
Lohn, TX


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