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Texas UFO Sightings 3/4/2011- Abilene, Cameron, Cisco, Coleman & Dallas

Video captured still from Case # 28070.

Video captured still from Case # 28070.

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Below are Texas sightings reports that have been submitted to MUFON. They are unedited and posted "as is".


Witness: I saw an orange half disc that looked like it was on fire.

MUFON Case #   28044
Date/Time:   2011-03-01 19:40
City:    Dallas
State:    Texas
Shape:    Disc,Fireball
Duration:    00:02:30
Vallee Index:    AN1

I was walking east bound on Mockingbird ln. on the North side of the street in front of my apartment. I noticed on my right basically the Southeast a half disc bright red orange about the speed and altitude of an aircraft moving to the northwest. The object was clear as was the weather and it was not an airplane as there were several other airplanes around clearly visible . This object had no blinking lights and it looked like it was a fireball. after it flew over, it slowly disappeared in the distance, not because of distance, it just evaporated. Three other people saw this, a woman and two children, a boy and a girl about 8-11 years old. The boy became terrified and almost started crying. I am intrigued by this phenomimon and I have not seen one like this before. I was pissed that I did not have a camera or phone handy.


Orange lights make ring in the sky

MUFON Case #  28056
Date/Time:    2011-03-02 19:45
City:    Cisco
State:    Texas
Shape:    Circle,Disc,Flash
Vallee Index:    AN1

I am filling out this report on behalf of some friends who witnessed and recorded this event. My friends (3 witnesses in total) were standing in front of their residence which is about a 1/4 mile NE of Cisco, TX. They were looking due South toward the town of Cisco. At 7:15pm they began seeing solitary orange lights flash on above the town in various places in the sky and then slowly fade. The objects appeared to hover. They would appear in one spot and fade away in the same spot. Finally, one of the witnesses pulled out their phone (a Motorola Atrix 4G) and began taking video (see attached file). As soon as he began recording (it was 7:45pm at this point), the witnesses immediately viewed one of the orange lights appearing, immediately 5 more lights appeared in succession forming a titled disc pattern in the sky.

Once all of the 6 lights were present, all six lights faded in unison. This particular event is what was captured on the video. As you can tell from the audio, one witness thought the lights could be flares while another questioned this as there were no planes in the sky at the time. The lights in the video that are below the UFO are the lights of Interstate 20 that runs East/West, just South of Cisco.

Video Link (download)


Orange Lights Yet Again

MUFON Case #  28060
Date/Time:    2011-03-02 19:35
City:    Abilene
State:    Texas
Shape:    Other

Saw orange lights come on again tonight, came on as single lights at first then after a few minutes came on as a row of 6 lights, we waited about 10-15 more minutes then the lights came on again time in a row of 7. PLEASE GO OUT THERE TOMORROW AROUND 7:30PM, dont get impatient. Watch the sky ..they'll be back. NOT PLANES, NOT FLARES! No planes were in the sky at all. They stayed lit for about 2 seconds then went out.


Strange objects and lights swarming north east of Coleman, Texas

MUFON Case #  28070
Date/Time:    2011-03-02 20:59
City:    Coleman
State:    Texas
Shape:    Circle,Cylinder,Diamond,Disc,Star-like,Triangle
Distance:    One mile or less
Location:    Farmland
Terrain:    Fields
Visibility:    Clear
Vallee Index:    FB2

Large well lite craft with 3 huge light appeared at a very low alltitude and banked hard and lights went out.A dozen very light blue lights moved about the area and circled my location flashing very quickly in a random pattern but never going to far from my location.Large craft 1st spotted reappeared at times just above the treeline to the west.then lights again went out.Blue lights flew directly over my location and what seemed like small craft reveiled they were a very large craft with almost no lights on and the only one on that was on was onthe very edge of the huge craft.the craft was at least a city block long and holding a tight but slow circular pattern around my location.The large craft appeared close and higher above the tree light disappeared as it rotated out of view and another came on large and bright in the center of the craft.Ithought the object was going to pass right over me but it backed away instead and the lights went out again.I could here the roar of a jet approaching.I saw its lights as it passed overhead.All activity seased but started back up not three minutes after the jet left the area.the large craft reappeared 2 lights showing and looked again as if were going to pass right over me.once again the lights went out and i could here the roar of a jet approaching the area again.I saw the jet streak through the area and the activity stopped again.I left the area and saw a large bright object high in the sky.It was located directly over a rural home.i could see folks standing on the front porch and vehicle parking lights on.i stopped to get a pictue of the object above the house.It began  moving away and i could easily see it had triangular lights on the bottom but my pictures didnt come out as good as they should have of this slow moving craft.Captured many pictures and some video of these events but they do not do justice to what i personally witnessed.

Original Photos:
Photo 1
Photo 2
Video Link (download)


Black Diamond-shaped UFO over Cameron, TX

MUFON Case #  28073
Date/Time:    2011-02-27 00:00
City:    Cameron
State:    Texas
Shape:    Diamond
Distance:    One mile or less
Vallee Index:    MA1

It was a sunday afternoon, I was grilling in my backyard. My wife and kids had just gone inside. Something in the sky caught my eye; I looked up to see a black diamond shaped object in the southern area of the sky traveling north at an incredible rate of speed, it was completely silent, it stopped suddenly went east stopped suddenly again and continued north. It was black, diamond shaped but not pointy more rounded. It had neon blueish indigo-ish lights, like no color i have ever seen, that were spinning too fast to count. It a appeared very large and was about half way between me and the clouds. I had goosebumps for a half hour after it was gone. For a week before and every night since the sighting I have awoke unexplainably EVERY morning at exactly 3 am. ; I'm not sure if it is related or not. This was not my first sighting, but it was the first one during daylight.

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Note:  Sorry I have been late in posting.  UFO investigations are picking up. 
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  1. I have seen two UFO's in my lifetime. One around 1967 with my mother. The story is similar to those posted. It was late afternoon closer to evening, we were walking out of the garage and we both looked up for some reason. There was no sound that would have caused us to look up, however we did just that. We looked into the sky and saw an round object hovering at a rather low altitude. We starred at it for several minutes, not believing what we were seeing, then it just shot straight up and disappeared. We told family about the sighting but they did not seem to believe it was a UFO.

    The second time was on Rt. 80 in Wayne, NJ, approx. 1978 or 79. A huge round shere was hovering over a factory. My boyfriend and I pulled the car over and just looked at it for what felt like five minutes. I could not understand why we were the only ones who pulled over, we actually commented on that fact that on one else seemed to notice it. Then it just took off straight up. We waited for several minutes and it appeared again over the Caldwell Mountains which was at least 10 10 miles away. We knew it was the same object as it looked and behaved in the same manner. We did not report the sighting as we thought no one would believe us.

  2. Where are the photos and videos? When I click they are no longer available..

  3. Kimberly, MUFON removed them. I have nothing to do with that. Sorry.


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