Friday, March 4, 2011

Rancher Discovers 'Crop Circles' Near Goldthwaite, Texas

Photos courtesy of NUFORC.

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This report was originally posted to NUFORC, by a rancher who discovered perfect circles in the dirt outside her ranch house, located near Goldthwaite, Texas, on February 18, 2011.
Here is that unedited report.

NUFORC Case # S80116
Occurred : 2/18/2011 08:00
Reported: 2/18/2011 5:02:14 PM 17:02
Location: Goldthwaite, TX

I arrived at our ranch house (a place we do not live) yesterday afternoon. At that time, I was did not notice the circles. I woke this morning and opened my window to find these two circles, one inside of the other. What puzzeled me was that they were perfect circles.

I took pictures from our upstairs window to show the circles. This ranch is out in the middle of no where so I’m not sure how to tell when this happened. I have looked at it all day and can not make sense of it so we decided to report it.

The inner circle is about 30ft in diameter and the outer circle is about 37ft in diameter. The distance between the two circles is about 7 feet. The rings are about 2 feet wide and the dirt just looks sorta chewed up. There are no tread marks on the lines. There are tread marks around in other areas….the roads on our property are dirt.but this is different. There is no entrance or exit; it simply looks like two circles, one inside of the other.

I have no idea what might have caused this. Like I said, we have dirt roads, 4 wheelers and motorcycles, but we couldn’t get circles this perfect if we tried.

This is private property and to my knowledge, no one else has been on my property.

Source: NUFORC

Original report


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