Tuesday, March 15, 2011

LITS Investigation in Southeast Texas- Preliminary Report

Photo with inserted depiction of entity, by SW.

Amongst the piney woods of Southeast Texas, there is a bustling little town full of friendly folk and abundant hospitality.  There is also a dark secret which no one seems to know of.  If they do, no one is talking about it.

Preliminary Report:  I arrived Friday, 3/11/2011 to conduct an investigation but when I left, there were more questions than answers.  Due to the nature of the investigation and the witnesses involved, I can not discuss nor reveal the exact location at this time.

My friend and colleague, Lon Strickler of Phantoms and Monsters, along with a colleague of his had already done a remote view of the location.  During my on-site investigation I was able to corroborate their findings.

I myself experienced something, saw something and was physically affected by something while I was there.  I am very sensitive to certain energies and am adept at dousing.  I did a sweep of the area and detected what I felt was a cavern or tunnel underground, crossing below the entire length of the property and extending on for miles.  Other equipment used was an EMF detector and Geiger counter, both showing unusual readings.

I, along with an assistant, witnessed an entity in broad daylight.  While I was the only one to actually see this being scurry up a pine tree as easily as a sprinter running up stairs, we both witnessed it watching us from it's perch among the boughs.  You couldn't have paid me enough to approach this entity, or the woods.

As soon as we drove on site I began to feel ill, with pressure behind my eyes and a nauseous feeling in the pit of my stomach.  No, it wasn't the chicken fried steak I'd had for lunch.  This ill feeling didn't leave me until after we had left for our trip home and were several miles away.

Another odd occurrence on site, was a Geiger counter that was left on a table overnight. I made sure that it was set to 'zero'.  As clouds rolled in and the sky was no longer visible, the day's investigation and a constant feeling of being drained of energy suggested I retire for a short nap.  The time was 02:30, 3/12/2011.

There was a sofa placed in front of large windows, at such an angle that I could lay down and see the entire Eastern sky.  I stretched out and watched the clouds roll in, then drifted off for a bit.  When I awoke, I walked to the table and that is when I noticed that the Geiger counter had spiked and was on "4" mR/hr (milli-Roentgens per hour).  What could have caused this, I don't know.

There has been UFO and possibly alien activity in this location.  I spoke with other witnesses and I found them intelligent and honest.

Also included, is an audio recorded by the witness using a shop made parabolic microphone ("Big Ear") with digital recorder.  This audio is quiet disturbing to some.

I will post a more complete report when all data and photos have been analyzed.

Sunny Williams
Lead Investigator for LITS

Audio recording of sound from the woods in East Texas:

YouTube Link

Same audio, reduced further:

YouTube Link


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