Tuesday, March 8, 2011

1967- 30 Performing Arts Students Interact With UFO

A performing arts student remembers a 1967 encounter with a UFO.  Here is that unedited report:

MUFON Case #  28144
Date/Time:    1967-06-30 19:30
City:    Center Bridge
State:    Pennsylvania
Shape:    Disc
Summary:    30 students interacted with a UFO

During the summer of ?67 I went to a Performing Arts camp in Center Bridge, Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Phil Woods conducted the jazz band and was married to Chan, former spouse of Charlie Parker.

One early evening a girl from the camp and I were headed to a wooded area and we couldn?t help but notice a bright pulsating light in the sky. It was miles off and moved randomly within a small section of sky and then it blinked off reappearing instantly in another small section of sky. From the time we saw it, it steadily got closer. We watched it for a few minutes and then started running back to the main house to tell the others. On the driveway we were met by about 30 students running towards us. They had seen the light and were running to a high field to get a better look, so we turned around and headed for the field, and it got closer and closer. It hovered above and down range a little without making a sound. It looked metallic, with bars of white lights singed with green on the underside edge of the saucer. I remember thinking that I am looking an aircraft that looked similar to the flying saucer from ?The Earth Stood Still?.

After hovering for about a minute or two it moved to the other side of a tree line. It did this in a fluid motion, unlike before when its movements in the distant sky seemed like sometimes it blinked in and out of existence. All of us ran out of the field to the other side of the tree line and there it was hovering closer to us. This lasted for about 20, 30 seconds and then it moved back over the trees. We ran back to the field and were awarded again with the craft hovering closer still.

This continued several more times, each time the saucer hovered closer. When it jumped over the trees again, Baird Parker and I had had enough so we stayed in the field. When the saucer flew to the field again it hovered closer to us than it had before. The others ran back to the field where the UFO continued to hover for a little while and then it started moving off.


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