Sunday, March 13, 2011

Earthquake in Japan Headlines the News

Here are just a few of the headlines concerning the earthquake in Japan:

NASA Satellite Photos Show Devastation From Japan Quake and Tsunami

How the Japan Earthquake Shortened Days on Earth

The 'Supermoon' Did Not Cause the Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami
"And you are sure, how?"

Japan earthquake: As it happened

Waves Hit Hawaii, California; One Man Swept to Sea

Note: My heart goes out to those in Japan who have suffered, or perished during this catastrophe. At the same time I breath a sigh of relief for Hawaii and mainland U.S. Though there was boat and pier damage and one man swept out to sea during the Tsunami, the outcome for U.S. Residents could have been much worse.

Now to top things off,  Japan's Volcano (Shinmoedake) has erupted.  For those living in Japan, this must seem like the end of the world. -SW

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  1. There ´s been UFO sightings at the tsunami´s , did you catch´em ?


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