Monday, February 28, 2011

1974- Lights Over Whidbey Naval Air Station, WA

On November 19, 1974 a witness claims that he and hundreds of other people observed lights over Whidbey Island Naval Air Station.  The object(s) was picked up on radar but deemed "classified".  Here is that unedited report.

MUFON Case #  28006
Date:    1974-11-19
City: Oak Harbor- Whidbey Island
State:  Washington
Shape:  Circle,Sphere
Distance: One mile or less
Vallee Index:  MA1
Summary:  Seven bright lights surrounding the Naval Air Station at elevation

This event was unusual in that hundreds of people saw this event, although I only talked about it with a few dozen.

There were seven sighted objects. They were only points of light and moved slowly into stationary position about a mile in diameter over the airfield of Whidbey Island Naval Air Station, Near Oak Harbor, Washington. One man came into my shop and told us about it and about 8 of us went out to watch together.

Within 3 minutes the Navy launched the 'Ready 5' attack aircraft. (five minute launch) They launched three heavily armed F-14 aircraft. The F-14's chased the spots of light at about 3000 to 10,000 feet of elevation. The spots would remain stationary until the aircraft approached then suddenly dart away in some direction either vertical or horizontal. This silly chase went on for an hour. No weapons were fired, and none of the F-14's came closer than a couple hundred yards of the UFO's. Eventually, (in about an hour) the UFO's tired of the game and simply accelerated vertically in formation right up and out of sight. Other aircraft including helicopters were launched but no aircraft came close to them.

The lights of the UFO's was just large enough to see clearly like a white ball. Approximate size was that of an F-14.

Their acceleration was instantaneous, as was their stop. They would seem to slide across the sky, stop instantly, and return to their prior location. We could hear the F-14's but heard no noise from the lights.

My girl friend at the time was working in the control tower on base. When I asked her later what she saw on the scope, she replied... "It has been deemed classified, and since I don't want to spend time in Leavenworth... You won't find out any thing from me." She never did tell me anything..

Map denotes Ault Field, Whidbey Island Naval Air Station.


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