Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Campo Seco witness: "I thought it was an invasion of some kind"

Witness sketch - Click on image for larger view.

A California MUFON field investigator submitted a report for a Campo Seco witness, who observed "coffee mug-shaped" UFOs, sometime around Thanksgiving, 2010.  Here is that unedited report:
MUFON Case #   27600
Date:    2010-11-27
City:    Campo Seco
State:    California
Shape:    Other
Duration:    00:05:00
Location:    Farmland
Terrain:    Pond
Visibility:    Clear
Weather:    None
Entity Type:    None
Vallee Index:    MA1
Summary:    Dozen or more 300' tall upside-down coffee-mug shaped UFOs with 20-50 white-orange lights surrounding each craft, which filled the sky.


The witness's very large german-shepherd dog was very nervous after midnight some evening around Thanksgiving, November, 2010, so the witness let her dog outside on her patio at her home in Campo Seco, California. It was a very clear night, extremely dark out, no moon.
She witnessed several UFOs filling the sky, which scared her.
She thought it was an invasion!
There were a dozen or more craft, which were each approximately 300' tall, and 100' wide at the base. Each craft was surrounded on the periphery with 30 to 50 flickering white-orange lights, which outlined the shape of the craft. The shape of each craft reminded her of an upside-down coffee-mug.
They were extremely large, and were close to the ground (below aircraft height). The craft moved in a formation pattern slowly circling, and some of them moved down towards a water pond nearby, while the rest remained in formation. She doesn't know if any landed or not. There was a flash of white light, and the craft were then motionless, and just hovered. The craft were completely silent, no sound at all.
Her dog was extremely nervous the whole time.
After 5 minutes of witnessing the formation from her patio, the witness went inside her house to call her daughter who lives nearby. Her daughter answered her phone and went outside to see if she could also see the craft. Her daughter returned to the phone to tell her mother that she could see nothing but a dark sky. The witness hung up and went back outside, but the craft had disappeared and were no longer there.
Per my request, the witness snail-mailed to me (FI# 12885) a sketch of what she saw, and I have attached that sketch to this report.
I also have a 16 minute 52 second digital recording of my telephone conversation with the witness on 1/28/2011, and a 35 minute digital recording of my conversation with the witness on 1/18/2011, which are not attached to this report, but which I will keep.
(The daughter of this witness also has submitted an earlier different UFO report #27109 was has been assigned to me, FI# 12885.)

Original sketch


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