Monday, February 14, 2011

Holiday, Florida resident snaps photos of strange rectangular objects


Here is a UFO sightings report and photos (submitted to
MUFON), from a witness in Holiday, Florida.
Photos posted here are cropped, highlighting the objects.  Are they actual objects, lights, or windows of an unseen craft?
To see original photos, please click on links below. -SW

MUFON Case #  27790
Date/Time:    2011-02-12 18:00
City:    Holiday
State:    Florida
Shape:    Square/Rectagular
Distance:    One mile or less
Location:    City
Visibility:    Clear
Weather:    None
Vallee Index:    AN1
Summary:    4 square like very Bright White objects.

I was taking pictures of an amazing 360 degree sunset & some chemtrails when I noticed a very bright white object by them. I`m right on the west coast of FL and was looking North East. At that time I took one pick that didnt turn out before it disappeared ... Then I looked south east & seen 3 identical objects to the first one, hovering above the direction of Tampa International Airport, higher than any planes I`ve seen approach it or flying near it. Two disappeared while one hovered for maybe 20 seconds before disappearing, at that point I was able to get 3 pretty good pictures, one has a bird in, the other two are pretty startling zoom shots, to me anyway. Clearly not a plane or weather balloon !!

I labeled the download chemtrails but these are NOT chemtrails you`ll be viewing. I`m not sure how or what format you`ll be using. I`v only ever exchanged photos on twitter. But when you tweet pics on twitter there is a full view image option on the top right, please check that out if you have it. I`m sure your aware of it tho. The photos are still on my video camera & will keep them there for anyone to examine if they want.

Original Photos
Photo 1
Photo 2
Photo 3


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  1. that was what i saw coming across 60 from tampa last night about 6;20 but there were two of them wow


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