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Recently Reported Texas UFO Sightings- 2/22/2-11

Note:  Listed here are recently reported UFO sightings submitted to MUFON.  They have been assigned but have not yet been investigated. 
These reports are unedited.

Large rectangular craft flying over my house

MUFON Case # 27923
Date/Time: 1996-08-24 02:00
City:    Linden
State:    Texas
Shape:    Square/Rectagular,Triangle
Duration: 00:10:01
Distance: 20 feet or less
Vallee Index:    CE1

Back in 1996, during a 2week period of time, I witnessed four events on different nights, that seem to be all ufo related. For a long time before any of that my mom would call to me at night from down below my balcony. She would always be talking about how a star up high was a ufo because it was not just white. I did not think one way about it or the other, because I had never witnessed anything like that. Anybody in the world can give me a polygraph or hypnosis or whatever about anything that I have ever said that I witnessed, and I would pass because I have no doubts. Those four times were the only times that I've ever witnessed any ufo activity, but since I was 7or8 years old, I've witnessed all sorts of paranormal things and haven't known who to tell that can really make sense as to why. Anyway, here's the story.

One night about 2am back in 1996, I was sitting indian style on my balcony with my headphones on.I had the lights on out there, and felt like something was looking at me or something. I turned my head to the right and looked down. What I saw that night no words can describe. I immediately saw 4 white lights in equal distance apart, and I slowly stood up with the railing, and took off my headphones. There was a craft hovering the ground down beside my house. There was a semi-circle on top where it appeared someone or something could see me out of. As I stood there, my jaw dropped in fear and amazement. I was not about to make any sudden movements,because I don't know anything about them,and it did not either.That craft was longer and wider than my house,and slowly came up over the top of my balcony where I was,and the middle of it stopped and hovered silently above me.There were alot of very small white lights on the bottom;a lot of a little bit bigger neon green ones and in the center was one big red blinking one. As it did, white smoke came out of it. I was frozen with fear but in complete awe.It defied all logic and gravity. After a few minutes, it slowly went on passed, and went up into the east until I couldn't see it anymore.After that,one night I saw millions of moving red lights in the fence rows. Another night, I saw 2 trianglar ufos,one behind the other flying high from east to west. I came home from a friend's at night and my mom,dad,aunt,and uncle were looking at a white circle at the top of trees with something flying through it every few seconds.

About a month after all of that happened, I was up with my dad in the kitchen getting ready to go to high school.We would listen to the trading post and drink coffee before hand. I had my hair in a ponytail and proceded to walk back to go get my books, when my dad shreaked,jumped, and said what's that?! I asked him what he was talking about and went to the bathroom to look and see. Behind my left ear was a brown circle about the size of a dime.Dad was right in that it favor a ringworm but it wasn't. It favored one,because it was just a brown,lined circle with my skin color inside, but never any itching or burning.Over years of time, the mark would fade and get smaller. If it is completely gone now it has only been in the last year or so and I am 31 now. Ive always been scared after that happened to come forward, but watching a ufo program on tv was the first time I had ever heard of Mufon and I thought I should even after all this time so maybe those who love to know the real truth will know.

Diamond shaped craft over NE Texas

MUFON Case # 27933
Date/Time: 2011-01-15 22:00
City:    Hooks
State:    Texas
Shape:    Diamond
Duration: 00:00:20
Distance: One mile or less
Location: Farmland
Terrain: Fields
Visibility: Clear
Vallee Index: FB1

I was at my Grandmothers house playing cards and stepped outside to smoke. I am a pilot and love astronomy. I was looking up at the Big Dipper and Orion when I noticed movement. I looked at what was moving and got the impression I was not looking at an aircraft of this world. It had 4 white lights that were steady. The craft moved at around 200 knots in a straight line. My only caveat is that it was flying along a common approach for American Eagle out of DFW heading to TXK. Their flights are due in around 9 PM however, the could be late. The craft was at an altitude that I would expect an approaching Am. Eagle, around 2,500 AGL. The reason I don't believe that it was an American Eagle plane, or any other plane, is that it did not have a red beacon, red and green recog lights, or strobes. It also made no noise whatsoever, whereas you can hear American Eagle planes as well as other private planes. The Diamond was not perfect. Below is the perceived shape with a capital "L" where the 4 white steady lights were.

Front L
0 0
0 0
0 0
L0 0L
0 0
0 0
Rear L

Welding arc brightness, as big as a dime if held up to the sky

MUFON Case # 27940
Date/Time: 1968-04-14 20:00
City:    Harlingen
State:    Texas
Shape:    Star-like
Duration: 08:10:00
Vallee Index: MA1

The time is approximate because this happened when I was 17 was on a TV service call with my older brother Robert. We were heading west on FM 507 approximately 3 miles west of our home when I noticed this exceptionally bright light in the northern part of the sky. A first I thought it was the moon but I never saw the moon in the part of the sky nor was it ever that bright. We watched this light for several miles until we were getting ready to turn. All of a sudden, the light did a "S" manuver and went straight up an was gone in the blink of an eye. My older brother who was driving rather slowly turned to me and I asked him what was that? He said that it wasn't anything we have today that could that.

P.S. At this time, I do not want third parties involved with me. If you are interested in a couple more sightings let me know.

Really bright UFO moving slowly in NE El Paso

MUFON Case # 27942
Date/Time: 2011-02-21 18:40
City:   El Paso
State:  Texas
Shape:  Star-like
Vallee Index: MA1

Really bright UFO was seen in northeast El Paso, by two brothers, in a backyard, near Hondo Pass and Railroad at 6:40PM. Winds were at 3MPH from SE, no clouds. We were amazed by its brightness, movement, and pace. It was so bright it looked like a star, huge light in center, some light on top and some on bottom. Slow UFO was seen headed southeast from Franklin Mountains. It passed over a fast moving, noisy airline jet, but once the jet disappeared, only a few passing cars could be heard. If it were a police/military chopper, or any kind of jet it would have been heard. UFO took an unusual path, a path that I've never seen a jet or chopper take. I spend a lot time outside, in my backyard, and see many airline/military jets and choppers pass by. After 4 minutes of going one direction, UFO slowly began moving northeast and vanished.

Unfortunately, I don't have a camera and my brother's was in storage so we couldn't capture anything. I got his camera from storage and will be looking to the sky for a few hours, tonight.

White lattice type structure on side of road

MUFON Case # 27945
Date/Time: 1968-07-15 22:00
City:    Kingsville
State:    Texas
Shape:    Triangle
Duration: 00:10:00
Distance: 20 feet or less
Vallee Index: CE1

Years ago, probably about 1968 (not sure), my mom (now deceased) myself (in college at the time) and a friend were leaving a gate house where my father worked as a gate watchmen. The gate was located about 2 miles north of Kingsville, Texas. The gate was the entrance to a small gas & oil plant (I think it belonged to Exxon). The gate was located in a fairly remote area at the end of a winding road about 2 or 3 miles long (no longer there) through thick south texas brush land. We had just left the gate house after visiting with my dad (also now deceased), and were heading home probably around 10 pm. We were no more than a quarter of a mile from the gate house, yet out of view because of a curve. I was driving at a speed no more than 40 mph, and probably slower. I noticed on the side of the road (the right side) a small object about 3 feet tall which was bright white and similar to a lattice or trellis. It was maybe 2 feet wide at the base and seemed to taper like a triangle. It appeared to sit on a pedicel or post of some kind.

After realizing what I saw, I stopped immediately and asked my mom and friend if they had seen it. Both replied yes, so I backed up past where I saw the object. We all got out of the car and searched but the object was gone. Obviously, the object had to be able to move on its own or someone had to move it. Judging from the time it took to back up, and our extensive search of the surroundings, we felt no person was involved. We were all very puzzled, and to this day have no explanation. Through the years I have mentioned it to some, but really never tried to investigate. Of course, back then there was no network like yours, so the incident was pretty much forgotten in time. I have no idea why I'm only now trying to find out - perhaps I was prompted by one of your TV shows. I thought perhaps someone else may have reported something similar and you would have it in your archives.

Star like ufo in my backyard 8:20 to 8:28 02-22-11

MUFON Case # 27952
Date/Time: 2011-02-22 20:22
City:    Austin
State:    Texas
Shape:    Star-like
Location: City
Visibility: Clear
Vallee Index: AN1
I am in my backyard letting the dog out for water. I look up like I always do and light my cig. I dont know all the stars by name but I know the dippers and orions belt and a few others. I dont know if its venus or the north star or what its called that orions belt points to. From that star up and to the left, a couple of hand lengths away there were two stars and I thought hmmmmm that is a really bright star and I dont remember a bright star being so close to another and in that location. I've lived in austin all my life and I know what the sky usually looks like. And yes when I was a kid chemtrails didn't exist and I noticed them first and now everyones talking about them. Anyway... I've seen shooting stars one night with my father and we saw about 50 of them. They tend to have a slight bit of color to them. I watched the space shuttle with my father from one side of the horizon to the other and it took 3 min. like the papers said it would. All this from my backyard. That shuttle was hard to see and looked dim like other stars. THIS STAR was brighter than any other so I was puzzled that it only had white light with no sparkle or twinkle. THIS STAR was at a stand still. The two stars together were for several puffs of my cig. sitting together. The more I looked at it, it was as if it knew I was watching. Then it moved. There was a brief instant of shock. I thought is it moving or is it the tree making it look as though it's moving. There is a big bare tree easily seen through in the middle of my yard. I put my hand up to make the Texas long horn HOOKEM HIGH sign to get some degree of distance between them, to see if they were actually separating. Over what felt like an 8 second time span my fingers grew wider until I could not spread my index and pinky any further apart. It moved about 6 to 8 inches in a straight line, the length of my fingers apart, while streached out pointing at the sky. Then it slowly like a bulb or batteries going out in a flash light, went out. But it was moving up into space because it was no longer moving in any direction but away. I've seen enough planes to know if it should have still been in my vision from the size of the light to the distance and time it took to move like it did.

This was nothing other than a ufo.. be it reversed enginered or other worldy life forms,don't know don't care. I'm not in shock or anything but I am amazed. You always want to see one but dont know how you will think about it after.

PS I dont know whats going on with your county button but you should look at it in this form. [Witness referring to MUFON's case form]


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  1. This is in reference to the "star like" object seen in Austin, TX on 22 February 2011. I was out front of my house in San Antonio that same night around 8:25-ish on the phone with a friend and saw this exact same event. I saw it as the individual in
    Austin did, but I must have caught it after it moved, because I didn't see any movement. It was one very bright, non-"twinkling" star-ike object, with another one, a little dimmer, very close to it. It was in the same spot in the sky, and I am familiar enough with the stars to know that this was not where any stars, especially two so close together, are located. The dimmer one slowly faded out first, as Austin described like a flashlight's battery going out. Then the bright one faded out right after the first one. I told my friend on the phone about it as it happened. Just stumbled across this report and I was startled at how precisely the same it was as my experience. I'm glad someone else saw this!


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